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Welcome to the 17th Streetbeats Subvert Invitational Classic

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subvert, 28th October 2002, 12:07

brought to you from the grade A championship course at SBHQ......

Ok, so we wanna get the forum moving - so

Invite anyone you think will add something GOOD to this place!

We dont want unadulterated chaos like on DOA, but we do want a thriving community whre proper discussion is at the forefront



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It's not what you know but what you hear...

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Sir Loris of Crowthorne, 28th October 2002, 11:33


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nice board scope!

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SETI, 28th October 2002, 09:10

Grin Eek Cool Oops Alc Mona

whatta smilie collection! :cofee:

avatars too?? i notice punty's got his Mrgreen

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Touchin Down

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Knockturnal, 28th October 2002, 08:24

Just saying hey. Noxy touching down on this side Grin

Looks like a safe board. I'll now bring some of my very longwinded posts to this site haha lucky you Smile

Stay easy all

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i'd like to introduce meself

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naThan, 28th October 2002, 01:01

My name is nathan
I like long walks, romantic dinners and cuddling
I do not rude people, long queues and barking dogs


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bip, 28th October 2002, 00:50

I got an invite and though I'm not a resident of the uk I'm still here. nice to be here

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my very first post

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trespass, 27th October 2002, 23:35

hello people.

just want to say respect for the other night, it was wicked... great turnout, great atmosphere, nice thursday night session, good to put names to faces as well.

now we have to talk about you coming down to play for us at some point boys.

btw check us out at and join the forum. the site is a bit sketchy, its very much under construction but its all good



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who's going on the Dartboard today?

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strike, 27th October 2002, 22:38

If you could throw darts at anyone who would it be.

heres one for starters.

[Image: dartboard.gif]

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Cold Turkey

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strike, 27th October 2002, 20:40

cold turkey mmmm nice in a sandwich,

not nice when your waiting for ganja...... :supershock Banghead

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Lets get this shit movin!!!!!!

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strike, 27th October 2002, 14:55

where the serial thread starters at???

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