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Good day to you Scart Ridge ... welcome to subvert central.

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strike, 26th October 2002, 22:33

ez mate

enjoy your stay in Subversionshire.

:mrt :wiggum

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I can't wait until Wednesday!

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esb, 26th October 2002, 19:40

this is what will be in my grubby little paws on that day!
[Image: pcv150.jpg]

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Greetings to the one like ESB

Subvert Central    25 Replies

strike, 26th October 2002, 19:14

welcome my friend

hope to see you frequenting this District often.


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hi peoples of earth

Subvert Central    10 Replies

esb, 26th October 2002, 19:12

Hi guys! I m nu to this internet game..............please help me play! Twisted

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Good Evening and Welcome / Wilkommen/Bienvenue Mr Spectraz

Subvert Central    6 Replies

strike, 26th October 2002, 18:44

good to see you round these parts.

enjoy the ride

Falcon Alc

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Exxon, 26th October 2002, 18:32

Beards anyone?

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oh strrriiiiiiiiike

Subvert Central    6 Replies

DVD, 26th October 2002, 18:10

i'm here boh!!!! Whodeany Sharp :violin

hahahahah, i looooooooove these emoticons yeeeeaaaaaayyyyyyy

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** Evenin' **

Subvert Central    2 Replies

Sir Loris of Crowthorne, 26th October 2002, 17:44

Hands up for the Saturday stoned massiv!

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hey hey Its Lady Skosh .Welcome

Subvert Central    13 Replies

strike, 26th October 2002, 15:49

hey there skosker,

I hope all is well with you.

Alc :charged

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good afternoon

Subvert Central    7 Replies

skosh, 26th October 2002, 15:47

hello my darleeengs..catch ye later Grin Wink

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