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Super Subversive Saturday Live Premiership Score Centre

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strike, 26th October 2002, 15:13

here is the latest at 15.13pm

Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn
Birmingham 0-0 Man City
Chelsea 0-0 West Brom
Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham
Man Utd 0-0 Aston Villa
Middlesbrough 0-1 Leeds
Newcastle 0-0 Charlton

Yidi Printer

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Welcome Neptune Duke of Londinion

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strike, 26th October 2002, 14:45

allo allo

welcome to you sir.

hope to see you in this parish of subversion on da regular like.


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wilkommen mr smoking monkey

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strike, 26th October 2002, 13:38

wilkommen mr smoking monkey

enjoy your stay mate

get werking on that sig n avatar mate. Alc Falcon

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Welcome Lord Stirlin Of LOndonshire

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strike, 26th October 2002, 12:43

ez mate,

happy birthday....was it on thursday?.

hope to see you at the next Beat Jam mate, i take it you couldnt make it down the other night.

Anyhows enjoy your stay in da forum friend.

And get yer avatar sorted!!!!

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Nu site>

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sphere, 26th October 2002, 12:31

Hey boys this is lookin good, a little like some site ive bean on before, cant quite remember which 1 Wink

best of luck with BEAT JAM

Be chattin soon for sure


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Welcome Madamme Sphere

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strike, 26th October 2002, 12:29

good afternoon my friend.

welcome to da forum.

enjoy your stay

Falcon Alc

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George Monbiot - Captive State

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subvert, 26th October 2002, 10:52

Fantastic book - its a devastating edictment of the corruption to which our political leaders have succumbed.....

probably far more interesting to uk peeps, as its focused on UK corporations and government, but does make parallels elsewhere.......

be aware [Image: zx11shocked.gif]

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Fave Film of the Moment.

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strike, 26th October 2002, 10:14

Last night i watched The Firm....classic british hooly film with Gary Oldman...loads of Suits drinking Harp and kicking off.

Reet Boh

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Your Fave NOIR Release?

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strike, 26th October 2002, 09:23

my faves are NOIR 008 Firebreak and the forthcomeing NOIR 009 Animal/wretched. Some top flight breakage a gwarn.

[Image: doctor.gif]

[Image: animal%20collage.gif]

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Late Night Poker Kru

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strike, 26th October 2002, 00:44

tuil 'sugar'teddy and jin cai lin are my faves

Wheres the devilfish gone? And where the hell is Sir Clive Sinclair?

[Image: Onset.jpg]

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