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OUT NOW: K3BEE - THIRD FLOOR EP (OmniEP269) - Euphony - 24th April 2022

K3Bee makes a welcome return with a tantalising 4 tracker of intricate breaks. K3Bee manages to conjure unique ideas out of thin air and you never quite know what direction he will take. Thundering amens start off this EP as Slendrr pulls the listener into a wild ride of epic proportions. The beats continue to twist and turn with Minds Racing and Trouble, where his experimental side ensures the listener is in for a treat. The EP ends on the equally experimental jungle sounds of Finale, a fitting title, and a worthy closing piece to K3Bee's latest chapter.
[Image: a3203969958_10.jpg]

Available now at:ā€¦ep/5533576-02/