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Whos Not watching football today

im getting out of work early still, just don't like football Yes

I am going to take the train home at 6ish, hopefully it will be blissfully quiet!

oh SHUT UP!! the pair of's only once every 4 years.......... :P

Chris Inperspective Wrote:oh SHUT UP!! the pair of's only once every 4 years.......... :P

Teef Hahaha

i can't watch it Icon_cry

i feel ill :/

and i dont understand why i always get sick; proper sick in the stomach with nerves before these games.

its crazy crazy...

Relieve the tension with BOOZE! Grin

you gonna be watching it on your own then scope? Teef

Im not!
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?


whos playing who? i take it england are involved?


I'm not... Grin

No not me...

wasn't really bothered either way... however, i was gonna meet a couple of mates to watch it before heading off to see Talib kweli at the jazz cafe... but it was fooking well cancelled Icon_cry

now i cannot be arsed with the footy. Ireland didn't make it through anyway. Neutral

I wish I hadn't bothered, 3-0 to us but we were terrible for 95% of the game

I kept falling asleep, dunno whether that was to do with our performance or the half a bottle of wine I had at lunch! Still, wish fucking arseholes draped in flags and pissed up to the eyeballs wouldn't keep reminding me of the result. YES, I KNOW WE WON 3-0, GOOD RESULT, BUT IT WAS SWITZERLAND FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!! IT'S NOT LIKE WE'VE THRASHED THE GREATEST FOOTBALLING NATION OF ALL TIME!!! Roll
[Image: pezholiodoa.gif]

batfink Wrote:bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK NORK NORK bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK bwabba NORK.

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