Bong Ra Blood & Fire ltd 7" Soothsayer Recordings

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Distorto-dub-soundclash-mashup from the one they call bong-ra out on 7" 45 ltd to 500 copies. The original vocal version of "blood and fire" saw a cd release courtesy of supertracks records on his sophomore LP, "bikini bandits, kill, kill, kill", which served as a conduit for an audio visual collaboration w/ gyromart emphasizing their russ meyer/tarantino homage. The scarce instrumental version was heard exclusively(in mixed format) on a limited mix cd-r, Junglist",released on bong-ra's own jungle-carnage imprint, clash records. Continuing the lineage of quality, limited seven inches initiated by labels like clash and deathsucker. This seven inch will be the only vinyl rendering of both versions of this track. Having been given the dub reshape treatment from bong himself, the tunes are more robust and I dare say more wicked than their original incarnations . Heavy, distorted and fractured enough for techno animal/scorn aficionados, ragga enough for all dancehall massive and amental enuff for each every day junglist.

Shipping this week!!!

Available in the US & CANfrom the 2nd week of september @ the following quality shops/distros:

Mondo Kims ,breakbeatscience, Wrecked, Systemic Audio,,Jungle Expedition

Available in Europa mid/late september:

Praxis, Digitalworldnet , Adnoiseam, Sphenoide, Ragga-core

Available in UK late mid/late september:

Redeye Records, Dswat

if you need links google it!!! or hit me w/ an email and i will be glad to direct you to copies of this classic choon
email - [email protected]

for streaming audio clips and information check out the beta version of the soothsayer recordings website
SOOTHSAYER RECORDINGS- Purveyors of Post Dance Culture
Nice, heard Bong Ra for the first time the other day and Icon_eek nice beats
beats are there to be broken
Welcome to the SC board Soothsayer Recordings Cool

This tune rocks! :P
wicked tune

sold this 7" to el noodel! want another one now Lol

bong-ra Falcon
damn this is an old thread. yeah man good record. glad yall like it. i've got a lot of vinyl for sale if anyone needs anything Wink

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