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Recommend a good fx card?

Ok so i was going to get an emu x but am not sure now as you seem to have problems with timing? So i want an extra card purly to take the load off my pc a bit when using plugins as i max it out quite often Oops . So yeah what do you recommend? I have my echo gina soundcard already and love her so its just an fx card i would need Grin

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UAD-1 or TC Powercore.

That's all the choice you have :P

Or the EMu one, but the FX are broken until they, err, fix them.
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okey dokey Grin

for somereason i thought the post said graphics fx card so i ignored it , sorry ,

check the uad post i would not want to recommend somthing i have not used like the powercore , but the uad rocks just pricey to get all the nice nice plugins that they do extra

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