20 favourite post punk (new wave) LPs

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No Radiohead?

bobbins Nono
No Terminal Cheesecake?


One would simply die without terminal cheesecake!
Nah just kidding.

Terminal Cheesecake, I would file them under Noise. They have previously been sent to Supernormal Fest, Oxfordshire. That's a big fun thing - like Rammel in Nottingham, Edinburgh or Glasgow - hypothetically. 

It means to me that I have so little post punk support for albums. Which quintessentially are before Muttsters cataloguing of Balearic, Chill and Electronic music ?
I like it.  Strings & piano riffs in P.i.L revisions. Who knew?  Dance


00:00 Albatross 
06:28 Memories 
11:34 Swan Lake 
19:05 Poptones 
28:26 Careering 
34:42 Graveyard 
39:12 The Suit 
43:50 Socialist 
48:24 Public Image (Bonus Track) 
55:06 Fodderstompf (Bonus Track)
I like the jazziness in the Wobble versions.

Good stuff.
(11th April 2022, 05:07)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: I like it.  Strings & piano riffs in P.i.L revisions. Who knew?  Dance

Just the thought of them sounds pretty dubious, but I'll give it a listen Smile
^^ The Wobble versions give a bit of life to the tunes, imo. I can do without the "Public Image" revision tho, still. the majority of the release is great & welcomed in my world. The strings in "Poptones" really compliment the feel of the tune. What the hell?? heh
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What did you think of the Wobble Metal Box version Statts? I assume you didn't like it? heh.  I listened to the lp while working today. For the most part I still really approve. I prefer the Wobble "Poptones" version to the original now. Wobble's "Socialist" version has grown on me a bit, it is weird as hell ,sort of reminds me of something that Mike Patton would cover, or release on Ipecac? Wobble's "Socialist" sort of shows how far out Wobble is his years, and I'm sure just having fun making tunes. While listening to the lp today, I thought of the premise that perhaps if you started making music decades ago maybe influenced by various recreational substances of the time, you sort of instinctually know how to tap into that feeling again. And of course the premise of dub in general, smoked out tunes et all.  I still don't like all of Wobble's "Public Image" version, but elements of it grew on me today too. Why not take the piss out of the hit right?  I really like the drumming in most of the release. Once again, Wobble's "Fodderstompf" reminds me of early Faith No More, or Mike Patton pop sensibilities.. perhaps P.I.L an influence on Patton in general too?  Hmm. Interesting correlations to my ears while listening. Some of the instrumentation also brings to mind the band Living Colour - jazzy rock in places. Crazy huh?  The strings in "Fodderstompf" are great too, percussion hits & details I like very much.

Similarly, there's the recent Crass remixes I haven't listened to yet. Will check em out perhaps. In summary, for an early P.I.L re-interpretation, imo Wobble is on point. Wobble emphasizes the improv, experimental aspects of early P.I.L for sure. Maybe a bit more refined this far on too.  Cool
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(2nd May 2022, 00:04)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: What did you think of the Wobble Metal Box version Statts? I assume you didn't like it? heh.

No. The guitarist does a decent Keith Levene impression, but that's all it is. The piano and brass on various tracks are uninspired. The strings are terrible. Even Wobble's bass was better on the original. And I miss Lydon's whine.

Bands are often alchemic, a coming together of musicians whose whole is much greater than the sum of their parts. In this case: Wobble, Levene and Lydon. In my experience it's quite rare for any such musicians to do anything even approaching a similar level individually. Which is a shame for them, but there it is.

As for this being improv/experimental, unless pratting about counts as that, I pretty much hear the opposite, sorry.


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