Another mad ID requested!

WiLSHY Wrote:Flytronix?

sounds A LOT like Flytronix to me mate, even moreso on that little bit where it cuts off before starting up again - there's about 3 beats where it drops to the next section (which they then thoughtfully cut out Hahaha) when the guitars stop and you hear another different 2 notes of acoustic bass come in - just sounds really, really like Flytronix, both the sound and structure/way it drops - to me, anyway.

i know a lot of people then were using acoustic bass samples, but that sounds like THE Flytronix one, and the beats are really close too with that quick, truncated sort of feel

to conclude: no - i still haven't got a fucking clue what this track is though Hahaha

love maff

Did I never give the ID for this?

It's Flying Fish - Theme

(17th December 2008, 12:59)Code Wrote: afro-funk

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