Best tune you've heard all day.

"What did you do today?"

"Spent the day improvising with dj Premier & my bassface friend named Brady. It was vibing."

seriously. wtf


Just a question: why didn't this kind of songwriting make it past the 90ies?

MBV, Pavement, Revolver, Built to Spill, some Sonic Youth. It still sounds powerful to me. Not obvious. Always a tad oversensitive. Humble. Nice.



Cut Chemist One Turntable Loop Pedal Funk 45 Fundraiser Show

A bunch of DJs got together for our friend and fellow DJ Mat The Alien to raise money for medical expenses. This was my set. For Mat I wanted to revamp some of The Soft Cell mix to have it be all funk. Its if my Sound Of The Police mix and Brainfreeze had a child..
Get mix here

Donate to the Really Good Fundraiser For Mat The Alien here:

- Cut Chemist, May 2021


^^ WOW, that's crazy & tragic what happened to Mat The Alien.  AMAZING they've almost reached the gofundme goal as we speak.

That's some love for the selector Mat.  Bigs!    Woot Grouphug

Dev/Null - Tear Shit Up

On Spotify. Goooood.

That's the reason, for me personally, to respond to Cycon, hip hop replaced the singer/songwriter act of preservation. Hip hop peeps like D12 were stuck on a b-boy, boy-band trawler net, and Stock Aitkin and Pete Waterman made bank, while the Gothic turnpike of lyricism sank, to be replaced with en vogue, hip pop.

Listen to this if you like..
."The Confucian Pleasure Puppet" is strange and very strong. 


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