Last ever Nu Killa Beats D&B night in Limerick - the 10th B-Day Bash

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Just posted this over on, thought it might be interesting to some Subverts too seeing as some of your have had the (mis)fortune to be at some of our nights !

Our last night in Limerick Saturday March 6th if anyone is interested in making it (or happens to be in the country at the time Wink)


Well, all good things come to an end...

... some bad things do too.

I'm not sure which category our night comes under but either way, we're celebrating 10 years of 'Nu Killa Beats' on Saturday March 6th and it just happens to be the last one aswell.

I'm want to concentrate more on running the Subtle Audio label and making music and it's kinda hard to do that and still promote a night properly. I'll still be doing some one-off events related to the Subtle Audio side of things but as for the monthly sessions in Limerick - we're saying goodbye !

I guess the other reason I don't feel obliged to run the night anyone is that luckily a certain Mr. Flynn has come along and been putting on quality events in the last few months - I've been waiting 10 years for someone stupid enough to run a D&B night in Limerick to appear Hahaha

There are alot of good memories from the time we've been doing the gigs down here, we've put on nights in pretty much every venue in Limerick at one stage or another :

kicked off with a one-off in the Globe in Dec '99 (hooked up with Bassbin and had Fierce / Don R and Roller T on the bill)

Then we started a regular weekly in the basement of the Dog House on Thomas St in February of 2000 - that was when we first slapped that glorious achievement of mis-spelling on ourselves and became known as the 'Nu Killa Kru' Lol

The night was (the equally badly spelt) "Nu Killa Beats" and after running weekly (in what was just a pub venue) for nearly 2 years we switched to monthly nightclub sessions from then on. First of all in the Globe, then in the Savoy (a brief stay) and from there to Costello's (an equally brief stay!). I think we were out of action for a little while then but resumed in the Redroom (part of the Trinity Rooms). The next venue was The High Stool and then we had a somewhat longer association with Dolans. The most recent home has been The Underground in Baker Place, been there since March '07. So we're also celebrating 3 years there aswell ! Grin

Over the years we've had a shed-load of guests at the night...

Chris Inperspective,
Fracture & Neptune,
Perfect Combination,
Alpha Omega,
Dj Trax,
John Doe
Raychem & Gunni (Iceland),
also we had booked Ellis Dee for an oldskool set, but he never showed (long story!)

the Bassbin crew,
Beta 2,
Zero Tolerance,
Don Rosco,
Kenny & Keevo,
Genie & Ali,
Elmo & Stacks
Criminal K (MC)
Wuzza (MC)
Ricky Force (Reach)


Tony Skerritt,
Source & Jet Li,
Roy Da Bwoy & Malcom,
Untz Crew - Dave & Shane,
Kormac & Rosko,
Johnny Mac,
Judge Dredd,
Danny D,
Feral & Torque,
Executive Steve (MCing - aka Tyranny at the time)

phew... dunno - am I forgetting anyone ?

Hope anyone who played or attended a gig down here still has a good memory of it !


Of course, it's the locals who have been the mainstay of the night

When we started it was just myself, Roller T and Bee

soon after, Deep Cut, Hi-Teck, Cain & The Evil Grin got on board, also we used to have Leon / Eggz and John Hannon playing hip-hop sets to start off the nights Xyxthumbs

More recently Lymer & Mecca have been regulars on the decks.

Just want to say a big, big thank you to everyone who came to our nights over the years. The die-hards in Limerick who'd dance whether there were 2, 20 or 200 people in the place ! Also, we've always come across people who travelled from other towns just to hear some beats and that always made us feel humbled.

So, one last knees-up then ??!

Who's up for it ??!!

We even have the Iree MC coming back after a 4 year absence !

SATURDAY - MARCH 6th @ the Underground, Baker Place, Limerick
Doors 10pm till 2:30am

Line up :

Roller T,
Deep Cut,
Iree MC !

and we're hoping Cain can make it back from Spain too... TBC

DAYCENT soundsystem, so don't worry about that Wink
ten years though... Applause
Statto Wrote:ten years though... Applause


Sometimes I wonder why I kept doing it. Strange feeling of obligation to do it even when it wasn't going well or I was pissed off with flyering / postering etc.

Still, we had alot of good nights, glad I did them all, even the bad ones - they just made the good ones better Grin
Well done Codpeace Grin
Keep JUMPin ya Bastids
That is an absolute wicked achievement! Well done man!
Yeah congrats man, hope its a particularly wicked one for ye Grin
I was lucky enough to play twice, why I don;t know as I don;t deserve it really. thanx for the last ten years I never witnessed and I hope you change your mind next week.

Sounds like your gettin lazy Code!

I mean you made a fortune and now you like, fuck em alllll!

I hate lazy selfish people. anyway good luck with whatever bullshit you do

egres Wrote:I was lucky enough to play twice, why I don;t know as I don;t deserve it really. thanx for the last ten years I never witnessed and I hope you change your mind next week.

Sounds like your gettin lazy Code!

I mean you made a fortune and now you like, fuck em alllll!

I hate lazy selfish people. anyway good luck with whatever bullshit you do


I've had to edit this thread 4 or 5 times cos I've forgotten people.

not good seeing as you were one of the best Dj's to play Grin

if it's any consolation I forgot Wilsh aswell !
10 years! wow. congrats!
Nu killa beats London????!!!

sad but glad it's for the label focus.... SA needs to stay!!! So proud to have played at this night more than once..
Good job Code
DJFracture Wrote:Good job Code

How could I forget ! :X

We had Fracture & Neptune over aswell !

haha Nu Killa Beats London.

I don't think London is ready for Tony Power and Lenny Loco Hahaha
Code Wrote:The night was (the equally badly spelt) "Nu Killa Beats"

Tisk... you still haven't learned your spelling Code: it's 'spelled' not 'spelt'.


10 years though, fair play to you all, even though you never got me down to play even though I was deadly hehe :-(
10 years is fucking impressive respect to you conor
Big up Conor....well done on rockin it out for 10 years...massive achievement!
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?
very well done!

10 years is no mean feat! saw too many great artists at Nu Killa Beats for the first time; Macc,Equinox,Alpha Omega,Senses,Chris Inperspective,Paradox, and was amazing that i was lucky enough to play on the same bill as a few of them as well!

also have to say Dolans was one of my favoutite venues ive played at, proper comfortable, nice sound,good pints and a mean irish stew Smile

and as one of them, im sure the night has inspired and educated many more heads in deep and ruff jungle music!

Loved my time over there. Wicked hosts, being told I look like Jamie Oliver and playing a nice set. Don't get much better. I'm appreciative of every set, but overseas (kinda) is such an honour. Xyxthumbs

Wild Onion (or whatever it was called) Homerdrool

Good luck with the last ever one Conor.
Ta Wilsh !

was good to have you play over here - really enjoyed that set too Grin

just been scanning a load of old flyers and posters.

this was a one-off we did before we started the regular night...

December 1999 !

[Image: dec99scan.jpg]

the poster was done for free by some American guy that kindly volunteered his services for free - organised via the old Breakbeat Arena subscription mail-list - seems like a lifetime ago now !
wish i could have gone to one.

have a great time

10 years is a great achievement

Congrats mate Smile Hope its a good one!
For News/Audio/Bookings/Videos
congrats, i'm sure it will be a great night! all the best with SA!
What a night !!

Over 150 people turned up - kicked off @ 10:30 and the dancefloor was busy from the off till the end of the night. Good atmosphere in the place and great to see old friends from around the country making it along to join in.

Big thanks to all who showed.

Last ever tune @ Nu Killa Beats ?

Dj Crystl - "Warpdrive"

[Image: duffahthumbu.gif]
what about the reunion December 30th 2011 in Dolans?

nubus Wrote:what about the reunion December 30th 2011 in Dolans?


Wasn't a Nu Killa Beats night - but yeah, there were a few of us playing Smile

Excuse for a rave-up basically Grin

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