For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

Some really fine early morning headphone listening, that. Light caterwauling / found sounds / spookiness / bowed scrapes / scraps of sheet metal music / electro acoustic muskets, all in.

Boombana echoes
Jolts of the discovered world
Reeds and sparks
Unknown manna
Waiting to be unearthed...
Let's riot for that gambit
Open with a flush hand
Turn all toxicity fragrant
And push the devil's hand
Closer to a new world
Unknown manna
Those boombana echoes
Weird track titles
Spoken in another language
Gauging a situation
Gauging a purpose
Understanding musically the grit
Which makes us worth it
Apart from unknown manna
Reeds and sparks fly
Reeds and sparks echo
The boombana echoes

Of course, be sure to take a listen to "Lassitude", English's latest solo album.

Lawrence English, like Grouper and Isarri, has a knack of producing some otherworldly sounds with just a few attempts, a flick of the fingers, or a pedal or two to accompany the shindig.

This is nice Statto Smile

The Ambient Visitor has a new album out.

A interesting piece of data from members of the Frozen Vaults ambient group.

"Kazahana" / "Hange-Ame" - new Hakobune

On this collection of three long-form ambient music tracks for radio transmission environment, SJF creates tonal hues likening him to producers on the Subvert Central forum such as Formication ("Agnosia" EP, but much lighter) and ennui (but much less spacious).

With a fractal portent that yearns for patient listens, Simon James French has produced another installment of fine musical pieces that are as harmonious as they are beguiling. See the link for more information.

I received the news of pre-orders for the long-awaited (by me at least) Debacle Records album, "Failings", and the Reaching compilation's last day to be picked up was Bandcamp Friday back.

Anyone who is familiar with Debacle Records will know of their penchant for billowing, white-noise-wrapped-in-a-blanket clouds o' reverb splendour, as shown on releases by Karnak Temples, Brain Fruit, and various compilation entrants including a reference to the blanket aforementioned.

Their style of ambient is free form, in the purest sense of the word. The music drifts like an octagon from side to side, never quite matching up with the indices of the previous side. The idea appears to be re-generation, and re-generative or re-kinetic music, but all the while, there's a awful lot of progress and depth to be had just taking in the Debacle Records stronghold of releases.

"Failings is a project founded by Ian Hawk of West Coast tone shakers Tecumseh. On this his first full LP he is joined by Debacle alum Garek Jon Druss and the mighty Greg Fox (Zs, Liturgy, Guardian Alien).

Failings is a four track whip around various disparate zones from blackened wilds to hopeful synth rave ups and pounding crunchy drums. If you think you know what is coming next, I doubt it.

Recorded and mix by the mighty Billy Anderson in PDX

The first 80 copies come with a flat packed laser cut sculpture. An ode to Brion Gysin's Dream Machine by Garek and Ian. Just pop it out of the sprue and self assemble.
released August 7, 2020"

26 accounts have bought so far.

Unknown Tone Records just announced a new album by Buen Aurelio Malazar.

Unsure I know much about this artist in any sense. Tyresta has been on the label before, and that's good stuff. However this is an unknown name to me. Quality label, similar to Dronarivm.

Les Disques Imaginations: Alexandre Navarro new album: 26 impressions de l'ame Purple tape ltd.

New message from Bing Satellites too: New ambient music alert! Deep longform ambient drones from my project The ambient drones of Bill Baxter. Out now, name-your-price download.

Hawk Moon Records just released a track by 94 Skies.

And last but no means least, a release on the colossal Opal Tapes archive imprint: Sote - Moscels LPs in stock and shipping immediately. Looking and sounding superb on transparent and black vinyl. Just one more week to order one of the MOSCELS shirts before pre-order closes and we get them printed up.

...And a recommendation looking back to March 2016.

Don't forget to listen to "Gold V1 Mix" by Joanna Quail (or Jo Quail for short) if you haven't already. Absolutely wonderful music. Cello and electronics style chamber music.

And the two tracks by me that accompany it ain't half bad either. :teeth:

"Rhythms Of Refuge"

A thirty-minute, uniform chords piece, concentrated on the essence of the atypical pop ambient loop, rather than just a Basinski-inspired disintegration loop. Melodies are regular, silence frequently punctuates, and the mood is very peaceful. I found with this track it never reached a peak, and its point was best explained as a stretched out conversation.

It's key for me to give back to my fans, so this .wav is a free download from this producer and promoter's page. "Sungazing" is exclusive to SoundCloud.


Mark Spybey, 2020 "Isolation Tapes" quarantine sessions from over the past few months.

some dark ambient... Darkside

Like the artist Ojerum, on Krysalisound? Were you won over by "There Is A Flaw In My Iris" and "Don't Worry Mother, Everything Is Going To Be Okay?" Try this 1-minute loop out then, which I can make a free download of the .wav for my Ojerum-inspired loop if enough people like it.


No samples used. A fresh take on the dark ambience that opens the drum 'n' bass track "Decompression" by Genetic Sequence on Transmute Recordings. Check them out on Bandcamp for more information - they are fans of my "Bassomata" LP!

More than 4 new tracks on mine and Statto's page. Should be a lot of fun making more.

A very sweet, luscious piece by the collaboration of Belgian microphonics guitarist Dirk Serries and the much more well-known Chihei Hatakeyama from Japan. Tonal washes are the general locus, and the bloom fills the sound spectrum like a lotus flower. At fourteeen minutes for this pre-order track, it being one of four available in the package right now, with possibly more to be added, Chihei and Dirk carve a unique furrow in the ambiental earth.

this is quite nice...

I respect your opinion Jonathan. But you should be aware of the new tech out there. Gut wrenching dark ambience is all good, if you have no varsity in ambient however your brain will rot and you will contract Alzheimer's disease.

A recent recommend. 

Charavoices on Les Disques Imaginations.

The  music is like alienized amorphisms of shades of grey purple and red, reducing pain by lowered Roman volume.

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