Muttley - Water Under The Bridge (November 2011)

"Water Under The Bridge" continues the 15 Minutes Of Fame series by me solo since "Exponents Of The Guitar" in August 2010. It's on a somber note - I've just left my family to live in shared accomodation, and the dedication of this, is to my two Bridge Building workers: one an Art Therapist who has helped me channel thoughts to paper, with discussions, and reflection time; the other a traditional facilitator assisting me re-integrating into activities post Stories Of Solace In Miniature Episode 1, my psychosis prevention project.


The music is akin to water flowing from one stream to the next, reinforcing the creation process as something natural. Let me know your thoughts or if you've ideas for future mixtapes to implement into 15 Minutes Of Fame.

00:00 Marsen Jules - Endless Whisper Of The Old Brigade (Nostalgia LP, OKTAF, 2011)
00:00 Hallock Hill - Ligonier Point (There He Unforeseen LP, HH Bandcamp, 2011)
01:59 The Winterhouse - Lost (Lost LP, Data Obscura, 2011)
05:04 Christopher Willits & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Toward Water (Ocean Fire, 12K, 2008]
07:56 36 - Vesl (Memories In Widescreen LP, 3Six, 2010)
10:30 Claro De Luna - Irse (Lo Que Ha Sidho Lo Que Sera LP, CDL Bandcamp, 2011)
11:07 Nest - Koretez Meteor (Body Pilot EP, Serein, 2011)
15:07 Rafael Antoni Isarri & Goldmund - Dissolution (For Nihon LP, Unseen, 2011)
15:38 Leyland Kirby - This Is The Story of Paradise Lost (|Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP, History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
19:37 Beautumn - As The Snow Leaves The Ground (Northing LP, Infraction, 2006)
30:32 end


Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

Good thoughts

Grabbing it now, cheers Smile

Thanks Roo; check your PMs Xyxthumbs

missed this

checking Xyxthumbs

It'd only been up two days then. Wink

I put this on today when there was some work I really needed peace to concentrate on.

I liked it Smile

feeling this, it brought up quite a lot of new reflections, cheers

Roo Stercogburn Wrote:I put this on today when there was some work I really needed peace to concentrate on.

I liked it Smile


HiddenSound Wrote:feeling this, it brought up quite a lot of new reflections, cheers

Nice one Grin

real late night stuff

[Image: meditate.gif]

Bump for the early morning / US crew Wave

don't recognize a single name, title, or label. i am obligated to listen. Icon_yippee


Just listening more than welcome from others.

Once again I'm back at this. Really enjoy this when focus and calm are needed.


I'm finding as years continue I'm putting more thought into the mixtape concepts; the 2010 period was pure impulse - 14 in January. I feel they're all at least qualitative of wanting to listen to twice, whether compilation, collage or cross-media formats. But that's just me - sometimes I feel I'm making these just for myself. So it's really great when I get feedback on them, that's so positive from others.

Just listening to "Exponents Of The Guitar" again on Headphone Commute's MixCloud page:

And here is something else...a Peter Van Cooten Koncertblog archive with a mix that's afaik from myself, one of the older ones possibly.

Good thoughts to you if you check this thread mix out, it's quite a emotional affair.

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