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Dev/Null - mix for (92/93 hardcore)

Just did this mix and interview for the boston site ... in depth interview including way too much unedited blabla about collecting oldskool, pic of my collection and me digging in a certain critical ny basement, and (way more importantly) a new 45 minute vinyl mix of 92-93 hardcore/jungle
direct link:
01. Pum Pum Brigade - Tuffer than Words (Torso Dance)
02. Unity - Fireball (Boogie Times)
03. Zone - Ghosties B2 (whitelabel)
04. Lloyd Crucial + Peter Ranks - Passing through (Kiss My Nortty Nortty Mix) (Lap One)
05. Tronik House - Spark Plug (KMS)
06. Stevie Hyper D & Tigger Max - Hear The Vibes (Sonic Stealth)
07. Sub Love - Drum & Bass Program (Earth)
08. Fozbee & Cooz - Free Your Mind (Another Planet)
09. Eat Life - Digital Fish (Plastic Surgery)
10. The Reece Project - Spirit come Down (Liquid Wax)
11. Cool House - Rock This Party Right (Fast Eddie’s Raw Mix) @45 (Underground)
12. DJ SS - Don’t Come No Ruffer (Formation)
13. DJ Dove - Bird of Prey (White label)
14. Cloud 9 - Ruff (Remix) (Moving Shadow)
15. Njoi - Drumstruck (Deconstruction)
16. Deceptive Jon - The Confession (Overlord Mix) (Deceptive RecordS)
17. DJ Spice - The Groove (Soapbar)
18. The Moog - Jungle Muffin (Delirious)
19. Trance & Roughcut - Vol 1 side A (IR)
20. JAS - Keri (Red Alert mix) (Adrenaline)
21. DJ Rap & Aston - Vertigo (Suburban Base)
22. Yolk - Sick Squid (Ruffbeat)
23. Wishdokta - Whine You Bottom (Kickin)
24. Naughty Naughty - Volume Six side A (Naughty Naughty)

hey hey Wave


I don't think I've ever heard the Deceptive Jon tune played by anyone, that's a great little release that. Picked that up blindly for a £1 back in 92 and I was stoked! Smile

Greta tracklist and great interview, really interersting read Xyxthumbs

EZ statto Kisskiss

Thanks Euphony, yeah that Deceptive Jon EP wasn't in many mixes at all to my knowledge.. found it on a fluke and was quite happy w/ the music on it. Kinda been hiding it / not posting it on the blog since it's kind of a secret weapon for me... not anymore I guess Smile

Hope the mixing is up to snuff, it's not pristine but that's cause it's totally live / not mega rehearsed / all vinyl. with these type of tunes I think it's more fun to throw tracks in quicker and have it get a bit loose rather than waiting 4 minutes to start every mix but having it be super clean

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