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Timeline 92-97 DnB Project (Free Album Including Unreleased Manix Track)

Been working on this for the last couple of months and it is getting to a stage where it's ready for public consumption . . .

A few more tracks need to be finished and I've got to complete the artwork but thought I would post a teaser so everyone has a rough idea of what to expect . . .

Would be keen to know what the Subvert guys think!?

Oh and a MASSIVE thanks to Chris from Omni Music for helping me out with this!

Here is the blurb:

Teaser for a forthcoming album showcasing how Drum And Bass evolved between its golden years of 1992 to 1997 taking inspiration from classic labels like Reinforced, Tom And Jerry, Good Looking etc . . .

This project will contain exclusive unreleased tracks from Manix, Pete Rann, Cartridge, Greenleaf, Tim Reaper, Soza, Relapse, Eschaton, Infest and Quassi amongst many others.

Lots more information to follow.

Audio from a few of the songs:

Great idea for an album. Grin

Tim Reaper Wrote:Great idea for an album. Grin

Haha, just don't tell anyone how fussy I am!


Big up!Pete Rann's tribute is incredible!Also love other ones,wanna hear other tunes for sure!


So many good tracks on this.

Can't wait for you guys to hear it.

Really looking forward to hearing this, big up all involved.

Sounding spot on. Love Pete Rann's thing as well, not to discredit the others.

Great work Xyxthumbs

Wilshy Wrote:Sounding spot on. Love Pete Rann's thing as well, not to discredit the others.

Great work Xyxthumbs

Thank you all for your positive comments, just got some '92 style hardcore tracks for the comp and finding it hard to contain myself! Too many to choose from!

Happy to help out mate Grin
Thanks for approaching me and massive respect to all artists on this, there's some top stuff on here Smile

Shifty is that you?

I'll send you a PM Metric, long time no speak.


Is that one of thosae Manix track that was heard on his mix a while back?

That Soza track is great - I've found the 93 sound is not one people have often attempted to replicate, and that's sounding spot on!

Seems like there's a lot of solid stuff being done at the mo Smile
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Got another two 93 tracks lined up and they are both great dude. Redoing the Cartridge mix tonight to give it a bit more of a Tom and Jerry edge instead of pure rinse out ragga. Then its finished!

Think I will do another few soundclips over the weekend but until then check this, a clip from my 1997 tribute.

A big shout to Relapse for the mixdown!

Cheers mate!

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