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so what's happening then?


I'm at work with more stuff to do than I have time to do it in Grumble

While I'm doing that, I'm eating a yoghurt Smile Wave

I'm inserting punctuation marks into a chess database, while listening to digital downloads.

[Image: jump_to_dotted_line.gif]

Not much...

I've just got the new Woob album through the post,
and I'm gonna write up a cover letter for a new job, teaching and developing interactive ways to help disabled people make music.

Also I've just seen my friends video he's made of what I like to call my extended back garden (the woods near my house)


Smoking an electronic cigarette at my desk, eating a BLT, reading some e-mails i ignored before i left work last night and listening to "The Apples - Attention!"

This album needs less mediocre scratching and more clarinet/saxophone duets.

Wave off work for 2 weeks, car was getting MOT'ed today, so just been playing the ps3 this afternoon

I'm spending hours pondering over composition of forum & private posts

Juggling about 42 concepts in my head at same time
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -

The "Foreground" section of this is what's been happening for me as highlights this last month.

Right now I'm listening to Nadia Sirota - Baroque on Bedroom Community. NopityA

Thinking about a basic consumption function. Trying to figure out how to apply that to some historical data which is spotty at best.

I just got peanut grease on my notepad (soaked through the paper towel).

We had a winter storm last night, so lots of snow outside right now...also seem to have caught a bug last night, feel right on the verge of a flu/cold taking over, but my immune system seems to be fighting that from happening. Go Immune System, GO!! Grin

Had a horribly busy day at work and couldn't face cooking.
Had a pizza for dinner instead of the Jamaican stew I was going to make.

Now half trying to compose a tune (in my head, not in a sequencer) half watching "The Undatables" on TV and thinking about MIDI controllers.

Exciting times eh?

Wrote half an essay this afternoon on something I don't yet understand. Got hacked off with it so deleted the whole thing and then panicked because it's due in tomorrow. Emailed tutor to explain panic and currently awaiting response.

Thursday I'm off to see Lincoln Smile

I've been learning to drive Fauxpas

Currently burning bridges, musically (or technically) speaking... more of a long term 'whats happening'. more in studio forum later.

However, Im literally sat at work avoiding working for 5 minutes right at this exact moment in time.

then writing a quote to do a noise mapping exercise for a power plant in Nigeria. Exciting times.

Eating breakfast.

I was about to announce that i was quitting my job, but then the reason i was quitting my job announced he was quitting his job.

Now i'm, slightly confused lol

Im riding on the back of a dolphin singing folk songs.

[Image: 251286854179862782_i5vRNVXz_c.jpg]

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Ha ha love that cover(and album) Smile

cube Wrote:I've just got the new Woob album through the post,
and quite the album that is I must add

Just got off work. Having a smoke then off to the pub. Next two days in studio working on this album that is progressing slowly but surely. Smile
Oh and Mardi Gras is in full swing so I guess I'll go to a parade at the weekend. Wave

beeen watching house of cards on netflix this morning and going to get some lunch soon Smile

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