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RADIO would anyone like a new muttley ambient mix?

I only really made it for one person, but I/we're happy to extend the listener base out somewhat.
A sound collage type of thing. Rough track list is as follows..

 01 Joshua Sabin - Array
02 William Basinski - A Shadow In Time [Side 2]
03 Artyom - Chillout Mix
04 Joshua Sabin - Terminelius (Bonus Track)
05 Anla Courtis - Corralon
06 The Angling Loser - Dawn (Reprise)
07 CoMa & Owsey - Imagine That (115 bpm version)
08 Samuel Barber - Adagio For Strings (Original)
09 Secret Garden - Lovland

Theres a lot of funny extra names and extensions in this mix, but above is essential data. 42 minutes long. 115bpm beatmatched in Mixcraft 6. All acquired from the producers and legal services. Some from recent vinyl and CD purchases. Basinski makes me very happy. Smile
I use either that or Ableton as a kind of Serato and Traktor equivalent. Otherwise me mix on me four decks, ecler nuo3 mixer/instruments.

I ask because there's no use in me just uploading for the sake of "it"! Wink

that looks pretty good - bang it up somewhere Xyxthumbs

Link now available from my public DropBox...

Lofi wma from wavs. I'm sure 96kbps is okay. Much healthier for phone memories.
FPZ guy is okay actually, he just looked in my (at the moment) chocka directory and seemingly works with the company. Peace dude.

The mix of moods I've produced here is quite simply done in my opinion. There is no reason for roughness. Thie temper management creat3s a bit of panache as much more substance. Percussion is sparing.

Many of these things me not heard of it. If that makes sense. Get

Yes please Muttleigh!



first half is a fine mass of swirling noise


not quite as keen once the vocals and strings come in


glad you like the swirling noise cornucopia, stattron. the second half will be called "take this", a tale relating to wrapping up tdd chapters 1-9, finishing them off with a certain zest. I might do a foodie noodlings subsection, including this excellent low calorie myth busting article by alexander heynes...

sure I get what you mean about the vocal elements. another friend from oldskool doa, khoma, said he much prefers when I avoid that.
I'm a real sucker for that finishing move though. something about the upward flow, sometimes I change my style of mix, others remain like this.
I also use mixpad, which is like mixcraft, only it only has a studio engine, no hardware instrument capability or electromagnetism.

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