Enjoy's new Ako Beatz single

Will report back
Just gonna audit the dub on the train

One week later edit...

Very nice tunes. Mid nineties vibes for sure. Biggles. Biggles supremo gracias. Fleischterrschlaft platzen organisiert concerto operetta minimalisch.

All looks large. Still not scheduled in time, and I've had my dnb fix today already...it's mainly ambient at night in Squatch Lair Studios.

Will give everything a thorough listen through on Juno when I've fresh ears and eyes in the morning (or for me, afternoon).

Oh I checked "Dreamin" this morning, that was great, and right now I'm winding down to "Fight Down Rasta" dub music from Double O


Tried to listen on mobile
Wasn workin
Will try when i get home

(20th November 2017, 22:20)DJ ML Wrote: As is this

PMs Wave

Statto Wrote:
DJ ML Wrote:As is this

PMs Wave

PMs! Wave

Indeed, I think the Headgear one is even better Badger
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