so, how is everyone doing? Wave

feeling good.
planning to make more drone.
staying indoors.
the bustle of outside is unappealing.
i have enuff toilet rolls! Lol
just got a food box in the porch.
drinking Kombucha. ]
mailed loads of select acquaintances about my latest track individually.
new Pokemon flash card set through the door.

planning to play games not card games. look at cards. imagine stuff. lots of stuff. then siphon said stuff.
avoiding clutter.
got the cat to feed.
my folks are off to see some old friends.

Good here my friend.

There's more than meets the eye here.... Covid-19 sponsored by Roche!

I'm going to take this time to enjoy time with my son and school him on jungle and techno.

Will be working from home from Monday onwards, like most of employees here who work through computers. Staying home today, watching Snooker Gibraltar Open from time to time (and keeping fingers crossed for not cancelling World Championship scheduled for late April).
Planning to go out tomorrow for a bike trip - seems that forests are one of the safiest places Smile
All events in PL have been cancelled, since yesterday it is forbidden to gather more than 50 people in one place.
Interesting read on CoV, recommend all of you to read it (it's quite long, but it presents the problem with scientific and mathemathic approach - the grey vs orange area graphs are essential part):

How is everyone?
Yes OK here at present.

Very worrying times ahead.

All UK/English football cancelled at present.

Austria pretty much locked down. I personally have supplies for 3-4 Weeks at home and I live in the country, so I am not too worried at the moment. However living in a big city might turn out to be rather difficult in the near future Icon_sad .
Music critic for the Tally Ho

in the countryside here too Wave
and as I work at home on the computer and don't go out very much, it will inconvenience my own life pretty damn little
how it will affect me most is how it will affect other people – not least my 83-year-old mother

the reason everyone needs so much toilet paper is cos when 1 person sneezes, 100 others (meaning "idiots") shit themselves.

But then, silence is the world I live in. It's not prison to me, not weird. But it is to most people. Baa. Hehehe.
Silence is truly beautiful, a wonder of nature. Silence is the returning to nothing. Back to the drawing board restoration.
I cannot stand my psychic mind to be troubled by charlatans and con artists, and confused wrongdoers who are just aimless.
So I've just started playing "Toward Water" by Christopher Willits and Ryuichi Sakamoto. From "Ocean Fire" album (2008).
That LP explained a lot of my feelings back at the time, on the cusp of being retired from painting services.
Music was what I wanted to do, of course, most of all. It was a big step, but working from home is better than no home.

Labouring jobs trash the idyllic details of computer life. Speak to a labourer, and his attention span is sorely limited.
It was like that for quite some time. Anger is exacerbated by more thought. Anger is a cancer. You have to chill out.
That's one reason why nightlife, pills, late nights and more pills were the early death of me. It's wonderland. No life.
People who illicitly take drugs are incredibly common because of most doctors and their advisors. Medicines are placebos.
The TV might make you feel better for five minutes, but what good is that when you're destroying your own wellbeing?
Placebos such as crack cocaine turn people into dicks. Dicks think they are invincible until they are cut off from reality.
This doesn't bode well for the immune system of said dicks. Eventually they will see an early grave. Or keep on ruining.
Why piss your life away when you could make yourself believe you can feel good. I know that's my decision.

And further, Coronavirus news epitomises the orange smoothie riot scaremongering of panic buyers and sheep en masse.
"Now now now", because there's no tomorrow, it's always today. This is a wasteful attitude that leads to shitty mistakes.
I'm forgiving, I forgive easily, and when I'm fine, you're fine.
Rushing to get everything out there, all the time, generates negativity, which leads to bigotry, xenophobia and racism.
Then you have the wunderbar internetz, Nazi party descendants speciality in causing shit and rocking on.
Because they're really just a bunch of cunts with an axe to grind about their own selfish pursuits and greed.
Is that really relevant? Yes, yes it is. Because pandemics are vague. They are also liable to get gigantically inflated.

But enough of that. We know. And real subverts have better things to do. That's why we all "just pop in" over popping Es.
"Eberneezer Goode" has a lot to answer for. The false rave era spread like Coronavirus. Reality isn't coronavirus, it's a made up story as bad as foot and mouth.
It is a projectionist's wet dream. "I know, everyone's so smart, let's get them to trash the shops like hippos further".
It's a marketing tool. Buy more products from businesses, so Brexit won't cause us to go out of business.
The pandemic tag is just an excuse. Nobody with little patience wants to hear long explanations or read internet forums.
If they do, it's because most people on the bigger internet forums only type to get into circular arguments with others.
I'm not asking for an argument - I'm always tongue in cheek. Mods know. Just know I wrote this for my personal diary first.
We don't do that shit here. Psychopathy is disinteresting and should be abolished. Trolling for another day East 17.
Unfortunately the way people are stockpiling, mass panic buying and getting in stupid supply amounts is this tendency.

But at the end of the end, the end of the day, and the day of the end to Coronabollocks...we'll see a brighter future.
I'd rather see psychopaths ruin their bank balances and go into anger than the solitaire players be frustrated by need.
This is all a big sack of spuds and pasta. Yes you can die from it. But that won't affect you, because we're ghostwriting.

I'd also like to write in my diary that humans are a sad case 100%. They will make up anything. I am no different. And for excess: See FOX News' Alex Jones.
This all comes from Chinese farmers, and then any humans at that, not washing their hands. Wash your hands dirty shits!
Flu, see Coronavirus in acute, and foot and mouth, etc, is not contracted by eating tainted meat. Bacteria is the issue.
Why would Pangolins be. Ask yourself the question, properly. And listen to what each of us are saying. Always think.

In one sentence: you're only going to get Coronavirus if you're an unhygienic - or - frail nutjob who smells of wee.
Yes I'm not funny, but I try to be. Just like washing is not funny. It's basics kids. Teach your kids not to tread shit.
That's the number one priority that most of this news is obfuscating for the sake of keeping you glued to the television.
Why did Brexit take so long? Ask yourself another question.

But then again, to deadpan Morrissey lovers, it's pretty hopeless getting blood out of stoners.
That's why I'm still maintaining content contributions on this forum. Because this is a place of understanding not racism.
I take the meaning of racism literally. To race. Racing thoughts. Colour and creed comes after. I don't care for that.
Of course I write for a living, so this has become an article on a forum. Knock yourselves out. Have a butchers bruvva.

I'm not pissed off at all. I'm incensed. Fascinated. This is one of the best things to happen in the media ever for me.
It might cause lots of less informed, now I'm toning the shitposting down, to actually think about their purpose in life.
Mortality is a major thing in Buddhism. Christianity, not so much. The majority of UK dwellers are. I'm not applicable.
What gives? What works. Stay grounded. Stay sane. Don't go out of your brain. Or you might get run over by the white train.
Of course I am referencing drugs and medicines. For me, getting my doses right, is natural influence.
The reason I reference this as an inextricable link in the text here is that currently, the UK is off its head. They've become even more like me.
The aisles are stripped. People are behaving like they've been smoking neat crack. Nothing is worse than cocaine simulation.
Of course, if it makes people feel nice, then so be it. But long term, this type of simulative thriftstore raid damages.

I cannot believe people are still raiding the shops here. But I ain't complaining regardless of if it's reached its peak. Many different angles written.
Oblique tendencies never had it so good.

I'm looking forward for some mountain road trip, isolation time this week - at least for a day. Was planning to tag along on a week long, business mountain road trip next week, but company has advised against it. Wouldn't it be safer to be in isolated mountain towns in the middle of nowhere?  That's what I'm asking too.  Chin

My brother's roommate / boarder is an environmental geneticist  (smart dude apparently), who flies around the world & is placed in random locales to assist with research, good gig if you can get it right?  He's been in Sweden this past month, and was supposed to fly back in tonight.  My brother has already temporarily moved to a friend's place, "just in case"...    My brother works for a private healthcare dispatch company as well, things were "falling apart" today apparently.   

I do have an elderly relative who as of this past week, has had to stay in the hospital due to a long standing case of pneumonia, day to day monitoring and all. Very stressful for many in my larger family, and others in the same situation, who are not allowed to visit their loved ones in hospital care right now - asides from the crazy risk of transmission in hospitals. 

In comparison, personally, I'm doing ok.

2 times shopping for little bits in the last week. Normally every day - now very little. Others have caught up.
Essentials: protein, sandwiches, fish, milk, vegetables, soups - same as usual then. I already have dinners covered.
I do have supplies to last a long time. And I am right near the shops biggie.
Yes, nothing has really changed, there is no "real panic" buying, it's just that more are at home, so more go to shops.

People will confuse the flu bug side of Coronavirus with the deadlier symptoms, but that's because of the news.
I don't need to write much more on deadly flu, except that progress will pass through and be exonerated by the press.
As they say...we don't need no education...leave those kids alone. Let them go to school, it only affects like flu.
There's a huge difference in how this is being framed by those who have never died before and media smokescreens.
Of course there is no holier than thou. Death is not something to be applauded.
But it's not something to be afraid of, either. People who rest in peace, rest in hospitals, sometimes for ages.
Media sensationalism is being upheld because eventually it gives everyone a pay rise for understanding the bug.

Uk in talks to buy antibody...good luck with it, and genuinely there's now lots of love on hand.

I'm no scientist, in the words of Fawlty Towers Manuel "I know nothing!" but I do think that if they want a successful antibody, they're going to need to take a swab of infected Pangolin or Bat's blood (where everything started) and analyze the cellular DNA...only then will they be able to develop vaccines and campaigns without pandemic panic. Do that, find the cancerous type spread, test antibodies on it and see if it breaks down in isolation.

First real few days out in the countryside seeing some wearing face masks and gloves. 
I believe the national figures will be obfuscated. 
Comes naturally with practical propaganda.


preventative medicine

Well, thanx to the lockdown/quarantine I am out of a job until June.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

fwiw.... Hugs

(7th April 2020, 13:35)Statto Wrote: fwiw.... Hugs

Sounds worse than it actually is, I get unemployment money and I can easily get by with savings. In fact, I am enjoying the free time quite a bit.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Jaz Coleman has been singing / propagating about these theoretic and/or literal possibilities since forever right?

In an entirely current light now, media overload has consequences. 

Question to all:  Where are you digging and getting your news on the situations as of now?

Covid-19 is politics & election issues currently in Canada / US.  And in your areas?  Chin


In my local area, I check reddit for posts and threads day to day - as mentioned elsewhere, I have STILL have never owned a fa®cebook account in my life, I still have never had any social media accounts transmitting from my personal devices.  I might check twitter accounts from OTHER people, but once again, I personally don't partake in an account of my own.  Rather than live in a bubble, i find the local reddit posts on any related and/or entertaining perspective on the covid-19 situation really helps.  Imo, more human, grassroots experiences, perspectives & information are being aired & viewed there locally.

Media overload on the internet of course.  There's always positive, helpful, and more vital information being put out every day.

One of the most important things I've watched in the past couple of weeks, an interview with South Korea's most prominent professor of 30 years within infectious diseases. If you haven't watched it, go to it.  It is a must. Cheers.


Question & related thoughts:

Viruses & the future of clubbing.

Bars, restaurants, live shows, raves - what is to come?  The entire premise of going out is met with normal behaviors as people sharing drinks, joints, cigarettes, snorting & sharing of harder drugs or worse (addiction is often a social endeavor at first) , passing around mobile phones for selfies, public washrooms, puking, losing your shit, shouting & spitting over each other in the process. People still don't wash their hands after the shitter or pisser as it is.  Drunk people don't give a fuck. As mentioned, the social life of substance addictions is very much initially related to congregation as it is. Bands blow snot rockets on the stage. I saw P.I.L once, and John blew snot rockets into the audience, calling us cunts. Given all that..

Would you go out to a club after this?    Scratch

Yes, live music and clubs wil be hit hard, that's for certain. So really bad luck for people doing that. Personally, I haven't been to clubs/gigs in ages, I feel to old for that stuff.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

10,000 UK coronavirus deaths: don't forget that this was preventable

That's like saying "growth in life doesn't exist". Also known as: "told you so" trash to sell newspapers.

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