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Two freshee mixx frum DJ Muttley

DJ Muttley - Afro Waffles (St. Vincent, Junior Senior, Cigarettes After Sex, DJ Friction & Nu Balance...
DJ Muttley - Skinned Potatoes (Mood Music CD samples, Supergrass, Explorer Flamenco Music, 40 minutes)

What can I say about these...home studio curated, plenty of ducking and diving, slipping and sliding. Love the Masseduction
remix, that's big. Also fancying the DJ Friction & Nu Balance mixed with the supergay Junior Senior.
"Skinned Potatoes" takes a more ironed out route, but perks up half way through flamenco music. I was inspired by one of my
Paco Lucia CDs bought for my father the paralyzing and hypnotizing power of Spanish Flamenco being locked in a
lover's gaze. Mixing the flamenco with Britpop seems a original idea, not many people have tried that except Santana.

Enjoy the soundscapes. They're in .m4a format, straight from studio microphones. No messing about. No hipster FLAC lol.
"Afro Waffles" is at MixCloud; "Rooster Resolve" is at "SoundCloud" / / / /Ā 

I will never leave.

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