Omni Music present the first in a series of crowdfunded releases, where we showcase a selection of some of the finest moments from its epic back catalogue. This is strictly not-for-profit and we need to reach the minimum target of 100 over the next few weeks in order for this to go ahead.

[Image: 121029540_4422910321112608_5762084260051...e=5FA412F9]
[Image: 121034920_4422910371112603_5274861467811...e=5FA3E1BF]

A1) I Wannabe - Believe
A2) Optimystic & Cmoa - Where There Are Waves
AA1) Acid Lab - Distance Space
AA2) Enjoy & Eschaton - Meridian

Full details and the ever so important 'purchase' button can be found here:

some nice tunes there Rainbow

Good Stuff Xyxthumbs
Music critic for the Tally Ho

preordered Wave

Some nice tunes there. I'd pay to support, and I used to do this. The music is good, and the compositions are original. The production stems are pretty brightly woven, with a definite leaning towards hardcore jungle more than other releases. It's a solid damage release, which is what I like to see and hear. Lots of manna (soul food) in it. I can think of many worse things to listen to out there.

Of course, it'd be nice to know (in private if possible) how the pre-orders are going.


So far we're woefully short of the required amount. I've promoted all over the place, but don't seem to be getting many orders in Icon_sad

(1st November 2020, 09:12)Euphony Wrote: So far we're woefully short of the required amount. I've promoted all over the place, but don't seem to be getting many orders in Icon_sad

Send me a list of links and I'll go and bump them all Hugs

Apologies Icon_sad 
Finally got round to backing this!! Cool
62/100 now

If anyone receives the Omni classics volume 1 in the post then please let me know. I want to keep track of when they're starting to arrive, as I have been told that it could take up to 4 weeks before they begin to arrive due to covid delays 🙄

I've had a message to say it's been shipped Smile

Excellent. I hadn't heard anything further by last Thursday so I did what I do best and moaned. they apologised and said they would ask the warehouse to prioritise the project to be shipped out. Woohoo, sometimes it pays off to moan 🙏😄

arrived this morning – sounding good Xyxthumbs

Finally Received a few days ago.

I have a spare copy for sale if anyone in the uk is interested?

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