Omni Music presents the second 12" vinyl of Classics from the extensive back catalogue. This instalment features the incredible Blunt Needles with their epic moody breakbeat monster 'Sneer Off', Abstract Drumz's drumfunk beauty 'Panic', the stunning remix of Eschaton's 'Tao' from the talented Maff, and finishes with label owner Eschaton's drum-laden voyage of 'Time Shift'

[Image: 143973654_4919204531483182_4025169596246...e=6037E813]

We need 100 copies for this to go ahead and it's priced to match 100 backers with no profit made. Anything made over the 100 will be divided equally to the artists involved for their tireless dedication to their music.

Buy your copy and support Omni Music on this link:

when are we getting vol.1? Wave

The current estimate is that they will be shipped out at the beginning of April. They originally told me February, but, well, you know Roll


(29th January 2021, 13:56)Statto Wrote: when are we getting vol.1? Wave

was gonna ask that too!!

This crowdfund project only has 12 days left, so I have until close of play on the 29th March to get enough backers.
We still need 60 backers out of 100 required for this to go ahead, so it's looking unlikely this will happen at this stage.
I didn't think getting 100 backers for a 4 track EP would be particularly difficult, not when I see the amount of vinyl other labels seem to sell out of on release date, but there we go  Roll

"Why don't you release more vinyl?" I'm asked almost monthly by people.

Well, this is why  Icon_razz


Perhaps try again when the other record is out?
I'd guess it's hard to get people to put money up for a second when they haven't received the first one yet.

Maybe, we'll wait and see Smile

"release my mum by making music for her"
fucking hilarious
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the music is ok
but what the feck does cost ?

Just 6 days to go to get enough backers for this to go ahead. You can purchase your copy on the link here:

Some more clips here:

@ Muttley: It's a bargain 12.50GBP Smile

Now just 12 hours to go to get enough backers for this to go ahead, we still need 13 more pledges.

Come on people, 4 quality tracks, let's do it Smile

If you want to help support the Omni Vinyl campaign then you can purchase your copy on the link here:

A1) The Blunt Needles - Sneer Off
A2) Abstract Drumz - Panic
AA1) Eschaton - Tao (Maff's Racing Cloud Remix)
AA2) Eschaton - Time Shift


okay, okay...


Pledged!! 98/100

100/100 now, so it looks as though it will go ahead!

Got to say though Iam not that impressed with qrates, i ordered vol1 on 10-11-20, and according to the order progress it has not been pressed yet???? not far off 5 months!!

Volume 1 was shipped out early last week from the plant, so everyone should get their copies soon. The delay was Covid related, as I continually got apologetic emails about the delay saying it has never happened like this before, so I really need to give them the benefit of the doubt to be fair. Let's see how long the next one takes though!
This one was delayed by a week because 2 payments didn't clear, so I had to purchase them myself for it to go ahead. 
I have a volume 3 in the works, as well as a new 4 track Collab EP, so I'm hoping the Covid delays don't affect us from now on, so fingers crossed.
Thanks for the support everyone!

If anyone receives the Omni classics volume 1 in the post then please let me know. I want to keep track of when they're starting to arrive, as I have been told that it could take up to 4 weeks before they begin to arrive due to covid delays 🙄

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