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Subvert Central Recordings - subvert - 10th November 2005

Label owners - please reply below with label bio, website, contact details and any other relevent information.

Subvert Central Recordings - Statto - 20th December 2005

subvert central recordings was initially created in 2003 by members of the online forum to provide another outlet for the dnb leftfield. it is now a diy non-profit vinyl enterprise releasing whatever we like just for the hell of it. non-profit because money isn't everything, is it. vinyl because it's not throwaway music. with a policy of wilful obscurity - no marketing, no distribution - the label exists solely on direct sales promoted by word of mouth and computer keyboard.

website: you're here!
email: [email protected]
aim: subvert47statto


subvert central vol.1 (autumn 2005)
sc001 alpha omega - swingers / militant thoughts
sc002 blue - suck / nextploitations / my mind is going
sc003 pieter k - crossroads / maze

subvert central vol.2 (autumn 2006)
sc004 fracture & neptune - visions of amen / clouds over memphis / visions
sc005 sileni - another track / random bullshit / daytime jackhammering
sc006 uzhas - soulkast / dissident - taiga

subvert central vol.3 (summer 200Cool
sc007a dj trax - this one / the tribe \ cryme meets dj trax - throwback
sc007b atomhead - cyclotron / betatron / psytron
sc008a macc - mean streets / mr mitcheson's rhythm method
sc008b nubian mindz - pure / seven / sound mission
sc009a formication - catastrophe in blue
sc009b fanu - children / this behavior is not unique

records currently available here:

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow


Subvert Central Recordings - J.DIGITAL - 21st February 2006

looking big Falcon Homerdrool Kingstatto