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Sonic Youth? - 8bits - 18th April 2006

good or bad?

Listening Pink Steam Icon_cry wich is f*kn good

Sonic Youth? - Statto - 18th April 2006


Daydream Nation is the best

Sonic Youth? - subvert - 18th April 2006

aye tru statto.

listened to goo just the other day, enjoyed it very much.

Sonic Youth? - titanium - 19th April 2006

"dirty boots" from the GOO album! t3Hr0x!

Sonic Youth? - safetyboy - 19th April 2006

titanium Wrote:"dirty boots" from the goo album! t3hr0x!


Sonic Youth? - silent.wolf - 19th April 2006

GOO album is top!!! Twisted

Sonic Youth? - Ali - 19th April 2006

ah the memories.... Xyxthumbs

Sonic Youth? - djraptures - 19th April 2006

just wait for their new album out in a couple of months Lovesmilie Hyper

Sonic Youth? - prplks - 20th April 2006

sonc youth good for sure.

the diamond sea is one of my favourite songs of all time. so epic

Sonic Youth? - Kontra - 20th April 2006

Daydream Nation all the way

Sonic Youth? - subvert - 20th April 2006

djraptures Wrote:just wait for their new album out in a couple of months Lovesmilie Hyper

saw em a couple of years ago at sheperds bush, shite compared to the older stuff. Icon_sad

Sonic Youth? - Ashes - 20th April 2006

Kontra Wrote:Daydream Nation all the way


RE: Sonic Youth dem - +ToRMeNT+ - 24th April 2020