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New Praxis Online Shop! - praxis - 3rd August 2012

The all new Praxis Shop is now online!
The first 100 registered accounts receive a 10 euro voucher which can be redeemed when you place your first order (minimal order of only 20 euro before the end of October).
Just as the Praxis web site the shop has been completely re-designed and re-programmed. Hundreds of scans, audio snippets, bandcamp-, soundcloud- and youtube-embeds have been added, and we're adding more every day.
THE specialist for breakcore, we also have an excellent selection of speedcore, splitter, noise, hardcore, underground electro, idm, dubstep, industrial, hard drum'n'bass, tek, acidcore etcetc + a selection of subversive literature, as well as dvd's and merchandise.
Check it out!
Feedback is welcome!

New Praxis Online Shop! - Statto - 3rd August 2012

hello there Wave