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old skool for da raverz....

Well, here I am, as I said.
Going to post only my favourite 93/94 tunes ever tonight Cool

Disclaimer: I may not post every single one of my 93/94 favourites ever, but all tunes are in my top erm 50, or 75 Lol

^ Homerdrool FalconHomerdrool Falcon



^ Best tune EVER by Total Science/Q Project etc

^ I actuallt prefer this to the original..both beautiful though Grin

^ oh yes Homerdrool

That fucking beat...Falcon

I can't find the untitled amen tune from the first suicide records release by DJ Fokuz, but that is unbelievable to me, even to this day Lovesmilie

and so concludes Euphony's/Eschatons run down of some of his favourite 93/94 tunes, but not quite all Grin


Another favourite EP of mine from 94:

oh, and this one from 95... Falcon

I've got it on white label, so for over 10 years I didn't know this was a Hyper on Experience remix Lol

the breakdown on the original is one my faves too..... Woot

Euphony Wrote:^ Best tune EVER by Total Science/Q Project etc
Maybe, but except this: Wink
Absolutely love every part of it

^breaks arrangement matches the song title perfectly Smile I used to go nuts when I heard this tune coming back in the day. Sadly Anti-Chaos had only one release (Life Can Begin on the flip was also great) and then disappeared from the scene.
^simple yet effective
^Early 1992 tune on Boogie Beat. The same vocal sample was used later in DJ Mayhem's Inesse, but here during the big piano breakdown it creates completely different mood

Some great tunes there Grin

This was the first EP I picked up from Skanna back then, every tune is amazing. Needless to say, I quickly searched for the Whitehouse records releases etc

I can't find the rest Icon_sad

So, on to the Whitehouse ones:

The Heaven EP is fantastic. I'll post that later if I get time.

The other side of this, The Futurist original mix is top class but it doesn't seem to be on youtube, they only have the remix Grumble

^ Icon_eek

This still sounds incredible to this day..wooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Bit of an obvious one, but tough, as it's feckin' well great Grin

The original is brilliant, but decided to post this Jeopardy remix, as it was the bollocks when I first heard it Falcon


[Image: drool.gif]

back to my favourite year, 1991 Grin

^ Homerdrool

Oh and an often sampled one from 1990:


^ I just can't get hold of this EP, as it's so expensive now, and could never figure out who it was as it was someone you don't associate with hardcore Icon_sad


Another obvious one, but I don't care as it's bloody great:


^ Unknown & Temptation - Feel it (Hyper On Experience remix) > remember this tune from old days, always wanted to know what it was Smile

On a Moving Shadow tip:
^One of the best Shadow releases imho, couldn't decide which side should i put here, so I put both Wink
^remember when I heard this first time on Hard Leaders III CD, it completely blew me away. Tune dark as hell and it still sounds good.
^another less known but brilliant tune from Altern 8

What a freakingly good thread. So much memories for me Smile
'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D

ALPHA OMEGA Wrote:What a freakingly good thread. So much memories for me Smile


Good to see you back on here Wave

man I'm no oldschool raver (was probably about 4 or 5 when most of these tunes came out) but I can still appreciate them. Check this thread almost everyday.

Nice one Grin

I'll probably post some more tomorrow evening when I get from the pub, as I won't have the motivation to do anything constructive after that Lol

OK, so let me start the weekend batch Smile
^both sides of this release are definitely worth being posted here. Wicked tunes.

^always liked this chilled out tune from Drowzee Remixes EP

^The breakdown is so 1993-94-ish that I was kinda surprised to see it was released in 1995. Nevertheless, another great tune from back in the day.

Next time I'll post some more "piano-hands in the air" material, as I went to the darkside a bit during my few last posts here Smile

Nice selection there Grin

I picked that Protocol 12 up for a £1 Hahaha
Another bargain from the selectadisc £1 boxes Falcon

Ok, a few from a local oldskool DJ from Nottingham, so most of you on here probably haven't heard these I gues, as they were released on a label that was a subsidiary off shoot of a death metal label. Seriously! ear ache I think the parent label was called.


^ Fucking TUNE!!! Always dwarfed the A side (Nightmare) for me personally

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