changing everything, doing nothing

you press a qwerty key. you hold down the key. the longer held, the more varied it is. 

changing everything, doing nothing. 



"go back to Compton you dirty negro, we don't sell watermelons here' is what A-cyclone yells at the white men at the Compton gun show once a year". 

that kind of vibe. 

so if you're not a white person, as in you're not wilfully dumb, read on...


erosion, some of you app and engineers may be familiar with, but only me yesterday morning, is an ableton-integrated suite device. keep it simple. only say something once. 


a better name for the product idea. just to clarify. 

what is it? 

it's a type of music module. hence, this is in the "audio production and engineering sect".

i feel better confessing that nothing compares to the rematch between them tone modules. the rewiring. i need rewiring. what about other people?

"why just press down a key?
i am not a retard!"

stop induced messaging.  quit smoking heroin. 

to channel Statto, pressing one button, and letting one's mind not musical heroin dictate the next rocky virtuosness of your piece. is it just me or?

i am not worried about missing the point of

Even informally. casual host technologies, aka block rockin' beatz in the mourning of the death toll from 7pm onwards with "those guys on the bus, armed with the jaws for the bust and the chips of the trust". 

with the alert zone or anything pie related to the rematch between them tone modules like a drug addict like Teenage Engineering board; incredibly advanced and damn fine Shortcircuit 1-15 to someone else here....

Is it a nice idea, or do PI and PSI pieces of Newtonian Quantico just, to be honest like Naphta and Slug and Droid, are devoid of the passion of rhythmic pattern recognition devices....?

And it's very easy for me to remember my Virgin days with music, and not one who has now a massive amount of phone hacking bills through technological advances, handouts from employment and support allowance, and the right dose of the most expensive and unfunny, yet understandable form of sonic screwdriver in the universe - links between orbits, links between worlds.

to channel the past years ago on Subvert Central..
the burning question is...madness or fallacy?

The end result is, pretty much losing faith. 
The message is not clear.
Remember Hell Interface?
Hell Interface were legitimate but like this.

That's as it was mainly used to document live events from the process of revolutions in sound-sound, see sound on sound, in lieu of kosmiche Neu! and especially Tangerine Dream ordinariness of the main section section of psych.

so yes, even though i am a sack-surviving, unsexy dead fish, i am on medicine, truly a savant and proud of it.

it'd remix heads - for the 'ead to not be "pished" _Rab C. Nesbitt. The end result is pretty much predestined. I'm sorry if you think you are doing atm.

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