4 Hero - Creating Patterns

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DJ ML Wrote:Well I still dont think it shows an inferiority complex in using live musicians , I dont agree with that at all....

I think it was/is just a development of their sound and they wanted to try something different on that album and use live musicians

Statto Wrote:ok so Kisskiss

We'll just have to agree to disagree on this album!!! Wink
dj ml kaidi tatham's album is also tight, definitely worth checking. and the afronaught LP if you can find it
UFO_over_easy Wrote:Two Pages is worse.

I'm going to have to disagree with you there
half of it is worse
half of it is much much better

and which half did they see as the way forward? Roll
statto Wrote:is absolutely dreadful
god in heaven it's so bad
the strings, the brass sections, the backing vocals
oh my god!!!
dump the whole fucking lot and play it on keyboards for fuck's sake
this is going on ebay
if it lasts that long before i take a hammer to it

[Image: rant.gif]

Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha
I personly love half this LP and hate the other half . Seems a bit mad to referer to it as the worst Jungle Lp ever , when it aint Jungle , yeh its a bit polished n perfect sounding , but the good tracks still stand out . Dont think theres many if any 4 / 4 timed tracks , many of the tracks I like have crazy time signatures but there done well so it dont feel like thats the soul reason for the tracks being there. Though I do wish they'd start to make some Jungle / DnB again LPs like parallel universe Grin .. we can but hope . Most of their early Tek 9 / 4 Hero stuff is buy on sight and I'll always check out their releases .
Two Pages is one of the first drum and bass lps I ever bought. Feed Me Weird Things, Drum and Bass for Papa and Two Pages, I think in that order. The first time I heard them was on college radio in Detroit. There is so much musical diversity coming out of that camp I never expected them to stay in one place. Perhaps thats why I tend to appreciate almost all of their material, Creating Patterns included. Yes I to would like to hear more jungle sounds from them, but I dig the 2000 Black/Twisted Funk sound as well.
Didn't Simon Reynolds go off on a rant about the live instrumentation being a symptom of some inferiority complex. Ive read that before somewhere and thought it was a pretty weak argument then. What if the 4hero cats had been wanting to work with live musicians all along, and only resorted to synthesized/sampled music as a way to compensate for lack of a proper studio, or the $crill to pay professional musicians? I don't claim to know but certainly don't fault them for doing something different and expanding their repetoire as producers and composers, and arrangers of music.
It might help also to understand that Parrallel Universes is the 4Hero record I've come across most recently of the three albums. My perspective is naturally different, as I fell for their music after the live instrument was already a key element of their sound
More Time...
what a splffingly good album 'creating patterns' was.


disagree and your a pod person from mount vebulon.
'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D
what an enjoyable thread! and so pointless Lol
this is one of my favourite non-dnb vinyl albums from recent years.
i guess i can appreciate it for what it is and not what i want it to be.
i also really enjoyed 'play with the changes' - not groundbreaking at all but some really nice music on there and quite a variety of styles ...

look inside is Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie
I adore this album!
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?
Think I will have to have another listen to this!! Grin

4 Hero...GENIUSES!!!! Cool

Just re read this thread..... Hahaha

Statto, did u sell ur copy of this in the end?
DJ ML Wrote:Statto, did u sell ur copy of this in the end?

of course Grin
I bet u got big bucks for such a classic album?
'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D
I think I had to give it away free with a Pendulum album
'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D
[Image: 201tongue.gif]

Good album this. 2 pages is one of my alltime favorite albums of any genre.
Statto Wrote:I think I had to give it away free with a Pendulum album

I hope your not serious!!

I wouldnt even mention the mighty 4hero and them in the same sentence!! Icon_evil
listening to this album right now Lovesmilie
Statto Wrote:
DJ ML Wrote:hmm...I dont know......I dont think it shows an inferiority complex.......

I think it does
people think it's a step up to use live musicians

this is not just a dnb thing...

it's like Frank Zappa, or Holger Czukay, or Paul McCartney, doing stuff with orchestras; basically that stuff was just shite (and the orchestras they worked with thought so too)

it's the same with composers too... like Arthur Sullivan and his dreadful grand oratorios... his real musical contribution was his comic operas with Gilbert, but he felt he had to some 'proper' music

or in other fields such as writing, where a fine crime writer like Ruth Rendell tries to write deep psychological novels... and these are shite too

for some reason they think that their real work isn't worthy and they need to prove themselves as 'proper' musicians or writers or whatever

See also


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