Subvert Central Vol.1 general release

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ok, so a lot of the people who registered have now been sorted out
might as well open things up for everyone else...

sc vol.1 is now available for purchase
3x12" vinyl ep for the non-profit price of £10 + p&p

in case anyone has forgotten what this is... Wink

subvert central vol.1
= vinyl triple pack, comprising:
001a: alpha omega - swingers
001b: alpha omega - militant thoughts
002a: blue - suck
002b1: blue - nextploitations
002b2: blue - my mind is going
003a: pieter k - crossroads
003b: pieter k - maze

clips can now be downloaded at sc digital

paypal prices including postage:

uk first class £13.36
uk second class £12.75
(for recorded delivery add £0.68 )

world surface: £14.35
europe airmail: £15
world airmail: £17.25
(for airsure add £4.14)

cheques and postal orders are also acceptable in the uk
(and cheaper since there's no paypal surcharge)

purchasing more than one copy also decreases the price per unit

for more details email [email protected]

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
good looking out!

bukem rare need not apply Teef
I shall spam this on other forums next week

including good looking probably [Image: bustedwinkv2.gif]
emails sent to 621 sc:digital users Xyxthumbs
Kisskiss Scopezombie
we might have a problem if all 621 users order, though.

repress Smile
Statto in multiple : teef : smiley use shocker


im asking around town here if anyone else wants in.

Statto, you should post on

ok so Xyxthumbs
got mine in the post yeaterday! Xyxthumbs
[Image: pezholiodoa.gif]

batfink Wrote:bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK NORK NORK bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK bwabba NORK.
got my sticker in the post yesterday - unexpected - nice touch for the tp crew !
Yeah the sticker was nice to receive.

Nice one Statts! Hugs
Falcon Xyxthumbs
kodini Wrote:Falcon Xyxthumbs

they arrived then? Wave
statto Wrote:they arrived then? Wave

not yet, i'm just excited :d
arrived today Smile
thx a lot, statto. also for your hard and dedicated work. Xyxthumbs
Kisskiss Wave
is the email adress you posted also your paypal acc.?

hope theres one left for me ^-^
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
motor Wrote:is the email adress you posted also your paypal acc.?

no Smile

motor Wrote:hope theres one left for me ^-^

sure thing Xyxthumbs

email me: [email protected] for details Wave
Icon_yippee got mine during the week, quality stuff....roll on vol2 Grin
sc vol.2 follows if and when we've got the money Xyxthumbs
Looking forward to bangin out "Swingers" this Saturday @ the Andy C gig in Dublin ...

seriously, it's grrrrreat to have these tunes on vinyl after all the hassles and hard work, well done Statto!!!

cheers Kisskiss
just picked mine up Hyper
good work statto and the rest of the crew! Xyxthumbs [Image: badger.gif]

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