The Free MAC plugin thread

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bobule Wrote:

fxpansion orca is free if you register on their site. a preview for some of their future synth output..

Thanks for the link, I was checking this out on there
Which may be the sampler im looking for to do my drums, it is a bit pricey but looks nice.
Anyone use this b4?
guru is mental, a bit tricky to start with but by far the most flexable sampler i have ever played with, its all about the grids..

iu would deffo recomend getting a demo (if they do one) and reading the manual. i still aint worked out all the functions but i had a demo of the fxpansion guys and was v imprssed.. and it does sample start/end modulation which always rocks my boat..
some free plugins if you scroll down to the bottom. theyre all written buy some guy to use in his mixing/mastering.

quite decent sounding, try the 'channel' one
Hovver Wrote:

heh its got the delay lama on the list... .I love that one.
Know anybody a good, and "usable" compressor and parametric eq plugin for mac. An of course free...

I hate to pay around 500 EUR for an URS plugin Icon_sad

there's a decent compressor for free. Camels stuff always sounds pretty decent. Not used any free EQs, I just use Logics / Reasons.
there are some free things on the voxengo site. I think one of them is a free eq (overtone eq)

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