The Free MAC plugin thread

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Please list all OSX plugins - AU / VST / RTAS



if anyone could leave recommendations for free audio units/plug ins that work in Logic 6 I would appreciate it very much.

cheers Wink
You a logic man then dgoHn? - by far the most free AUs/VSTs you'll find anywhere.
Check out the destroy FX, + contributions from Bram de Jong, mdsp, etc/ - lots of free ports of windows plugs. Covers all the tobybear, big tick, blackwater, nusofting + other plugs.

<some of the following are VSTs and require VST to AU adapter>

can't say I use any of them though Oops - logic plugins + the odd NI pretty much cover most bases for me and then some.
markgabba Wrote:You a logic man then dgoHn?

Not really, but I do use it now and again...
thankyou isa215

WTF - I wanted to sticky this and rename to 'The Free MAC plugin thread', but no sticky button?

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sorted by 'licence' (sic) so that all the freebies are grouped together.
KVR Audio (filtering to give only freebies)

crikey - didn't realise there were so many! Lol
wicked thread!
macc Wrote:wtf - i wanted to sticky this and rename to 'the free mac plugin thread', but no sticky button?

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oops forgot:-
I know nothing.
I know nothing.
there are some free plugins from the Pluggo suite (VST/AU compatible) to toy around with offered at
J-Synth / JTL / Wreck

Step Syndicate
some others to try (eval downloads only)

waves v.5 diamond
J-Synth / JTL / Wreck

Step Syndicate
wickedbad, thanks guys.
I happend to stumble across this site:
Here you'll find MAC and WIN apps. But the vast majority of progs. are for MAC and there are not just plugins but allso a lot of usefull audio apps.
I wish i could check out them MAC apps.
nice one big eye Xyxthumbs
man, much respect to all for this... Cool
Spex2k4 Wrote:man, much respect to all for this... Cool

RIP Rich, respect to you for the tireless work you did with promoting SC and the Street Team stuff in your manor.
Nice Thread!

Inspector - Free frequency analyser.
I just a got a macbook pro, I'll be doing the Knowledge to this thread. Peace.
Divine Ruler
WiLSHY Wrote:

Inspector - Free frequency analyser.

nice one. been needing one of them!
Nice.....Im going to go thru the links....Hopfefully the camel crusher plugin ive been looking for is in one of the links, cause when i tried to find the free version I heard of I had no luck. Mabye I wasnt lookin hard enough Baffled
But either way this is a great thread guys!!!!!!!!!!

fxpansion orca is free if you register on their site. a preview for some of their future synth output..

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