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still to big, you don't have to show ALL your knowledge at once Teef
fanu Wrote:are those pics above your new sig? Icon_eek

seems like a standard doa size sig to me
[Image: prodigalson11.jpg]

Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie

bong/tan action Falcon
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.
8bits Wrote:still to big, you don't have to show ALL your knowledge at once Teef
That's nothing, mate... You from Brazil? Here's a Brazilian showcase just for you... Wink Recognise any titles? I need to visit your country some day! Cool

[Image: Brazil1.jpg]

[Image: Brazil2.jpg]

[Image: Brazil3.jpg]

[Image: Brazil4.jpg]

[Image: Brazil5.jpg]

[Image: Brazil6.jpg]

[Image: Brazil7.jpg]

[Image: Brazil9.jpg]

[Image: Brazil8.jpg]

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