anyone on here listen to noise as a genre?

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I've been a noise fan in the past. I started young. something about.. weed, and listening to Psychocandy completely devoid of any bass, I'd jack the entire treble levels up, and just marvel. I was into that as a kid. it all started from there really.

R.I.P Nomex
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some decent noise here:

Raven Chacon got me into the noise scene along with William Fowler Collins
Check out not just this but many videos on this channel. Ended Tymes was started by Bob Bellerue and is the largest noise fest in the USA I believe.
KILT is Bellerue and Chacon
Chacon is also the head of the only Native American chamber orchestra in the world.
Here is a search for ende tymes 2015 on youtube

speaking of sc podcast episodes, will they ever be rehosted? I have many gaps. it's a shame they are offline now, well I can't access them.
they were awesome. I got my first one for the series again last night after 2 years no listen.

speaking of noise, kevin drum - necro acustic 5cd boxset is quality, if you can track it down, very rare, but it's all on Spotify now. Smile the same vein of white ambient noise as harry bertoia, somnambient 9cd boxset, also all on Spotify, which is basically the public recording library's best bits.

I am only "really" interested in white noise in recordings, not "harsh" noise, because of my sensitive hearing and obsession with certain tones and phonetics of character.
try Jacques Brodier

sort of Harry Bertoia meets short wave radio Smile
Almost 6AM. I just took the dog out & gave her her breakfast. I work at 8AM. In the meantime, I'm starting my day today watching this.

Words from the man himself from the youtube post. I like the battle rap style noise stance. "Come get me!" heh.

..Having been an active member of the intn'l noise underground since 1984, I've seen them all and I've played with them all - As far as I'm concerned, I have no competition - I really am America's Greatest Living Noise Artist and this collection of recent performances should be all the proof you need - However, for the true power + glory, you really should catch me live - In fact, I challenged anyone who thinks they're better than me to meet me on stage and try and take my title away - I'll walk away victorious every time -

- Emil

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