Pavement-slanted and enchanted

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Saw them support Sonic Youth (well I think that's who they supported when I saw them). Kinda dismissed them at the time despite all the hype, and wasn't really impressed with them live. Perhaps I should re-check them out
still their best album! genre defining, raw and beautiful Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie
Amazing album.. redux version Lovesmilie
anyone seen their documentary 'slow century'?

i feel ashamed i haven't Icon_cry
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ahhhhhhh, i feel better
thank you for bringing this album to my attention. can't believe i've slept on it all these years. great stuff

kontra Wrote:thank you for bringing this album to my attention. can't believe i've slept on it all these years. great stuff


Wave Kisskiss
They played here last night!! Missed them due to not one poster around town to advertise it! Roll
original lineup? Smile

saw them in 94 or summink... gosh, 16 years ago Icon_eek

yeah original lineup!!

very sad i am!!
(29th June 2006, 00:21)Logos Wrote: Yes

universally admired i'd wager.

meh Thumbd
(28th June 2006, 23:56)Ashes Wrote: CONDUIT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!

well, okay, that one's quite good Wink

Pavement at Primavera Sound 2022 Barcelona

00:01 Frontwards
03:29 Silence Kid
06:25 Gold Sounz
09:19 Father to a Sister of Thought
12:57 Kennel District
15:51 Serpentine Pad
17:20 Spit on a Stranger
20:43 Black Out
23:03 Embassy Row
27:22 Transport Is Arranged
31:22 Perfume-V
33:36 The Hexx
39:40 Trigger Cut
42:51 Type Slowly
51:04 Cut Your Hair
54:38 Zurich Is Stained
56:28 Two States
59:37 Grounded
1:04:04 Harness Your Hopes
1:07:45 Stereo
1:10:54 Folk Jam
1:16:25 Shady Lane
1:19:33 Range Life
1:24:43 Unfair
1:27:46 Major Leagues
1:31:10 Summer Babe
1:34:41 Witchi Tai To

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