SC Vol.2 - Fracture+Neptune, Sileni, Uzhas, Dissident - 3x12

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esb Wrote:i gotta round up orders from the toronto crew Wink

same goes for Antwerp cru ... Icon_yippee
played this at safetyboys gaf tonight!!! Icon_eek

first tim e i heard it!

visoins of amen Cool
oh man... i am having SERIOUS visions of amens right now.... Icon_eek

VERY VERY VERY NICE RELEASE GUYS!!! Scopezombie Icon_yippee Drums Jig Johndoe
gotc Wrote:
esb Wrote:i gotta round up orders from the toronto crew Wink

same goes for antwerp cru ... Icon_yippee

[Image: twothumbs.gif]


statto Wrote:note:
at the moment i'm limiting sales to subverts only
please do not spam other forums

but ok dan, thanks Kisskiss Xyxthumbs

i'd make this bit bigger though:

Quote:if there some people that want to combine your orders together
let me know. i can probably get away with getting a few bulk
orders sent here and save some peeps a buck or 2 on shipping.

or better still: put it at the top of the post Yes

and delete the smileys Wave
woah - i didn't realise another track was way slower than how its played on the unsung heroes mix - i love it even more now!!
Oh hellll yes! Bagged!

Kudos all involved Drums
Kisskiss Wave
still not bought stamps Oops

[Image: fauxpas.gif]
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.
sent Smile
scope Wrote:sent Smile


has rico been in touch about taking sc2 to ichione? Wave
will paypal when i get paid this friday Cool

looking forward to getting my hands on this Icon_yippee
so my PMs generated two sales

Got this through on friday....been playing it over the weekend.....
sounding even better on vinyl!!!!! Lovesmilie
I'll order this at the start of december mr Stattles, aint got no budget for records atm!
was away there for a week in poland, so a bit late on this !

congrats on getting this out statto !


money sent !

what a great triple pack... so many tunes i really like Xyxthumbs
my order has been made Smile
Kisskiss Wave
Payment sent. How could I resist Wink
second i get back to the uk i'm all over this fucker Falcon
payment sent... quality tunes from start to finish.
beats are there to be broken
Kisskiss Wave
received mine yesterday! Icon_yippee
top notch biz! Xyxthumbs

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