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sc vols.1&2 are now available at £11 each (+ p&p) from urban decay music

click here for sc vol.1 and sc vol.2

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

subvert central vol.1 – 3x12" vinyl ep
alpha omega - swingers / militant thoughts
blue - suck / nextploitations / my mind is going
pieter k - crossroads / maze

subvert central vol.2 – 3x12" vinyl ep
fracture & neptune - visions of amen / clouds over memphis / visions
sileni - another track / random bullshit / daytime jackhammering
uzhas - soulkast / dissident - taiga
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I've already expressed my happiness because of that Smile

but I can do once again - Icon_yippee!
ooooh ooooh this make me super happy i can finnaly buy a copy! thank you!
Statto Wrote:Kisskiss

well yeah, everything's cool and sweet except the fact that the postage costs are completely ridiculous - Ł16 for two records Baffled ?

Guess that I'll have to wait for it to be available in chemical or juno as their postage costs are waaaay lower than that Roll ...
cram Wrote:well yeah, everything's cool and sweet except the fact that the postage costs are completely ridiculous - Ł16 for two records Baffled ?


Urban Decay postage rates to Europe:
12"/10" (1st) £2.50
12"/10" (subsequent) £1.10

that's £4.70 for 1 EP (3x12")
and £8 for 2 EPs (6x12")

which is pretty much at cost
juno is £2.40 for first record, then £1.40 per record
i.e. more expensive

chemical is done by weight
six 12s to Poland seems to be £4.20 which is well below cost
but then you'd be paying £18 for each EP

not that juno or chemical are ever going to be getting SC records

I see... This is the postage calculator thing you wis on about...

Well, it's fixed now. See, no one ever tells me these things. They just complain to their mates about it and I'm stuck wondering why people aren't buying things.

If anyone has a problem with my site, I want to know about it and I will do what I can to fix it. I am not an animal... or a psychic for that matter. I am a human being.

Chemical and Juno employ at least 5 people each. Urban Decay Music is me... on my own... I made the site with a £13.99 book on PHP. I didn't use OScommerce because Im dumb like that (and it was easier to write a shop myself than use that convoluted thing). My office has not been feng shui'd. I don't have shares in anyone. My mum makes my breakfast. No, you can't come and visit. This is my house!!! I'm off to have some cold beans now, k thx.
thx Statto!
Neutral Smile
pacific Wrote:Neutral Smile

no room for grumble here as I just ordered (the postage was still quite high but Ł9 is better than Ł16) Grin .

once again thx for sorting this postage thing out guys!
all happy now

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