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Speaking of Martin Gore:

Sequoyah Murray (Atlanta, GA).. recommended. Thrill Jockey Records.

One of the most DM things I've ever heard.

seems I was quite anti-DM in 2007

^^ yes. heh.

I lost my youngest uncle to Covid related complications last year. I may have mentioned how I got introduced to a large part of musics via his record collections as a kid - metal, reggae, punk, etc. He took me to my first metal shows, etc. I always thought my uncle was mainly a metal, rock type of guy, but apparently he was a HUGE Depeche Fan. I had no clue! My family even played "Enjoy the Silence" at his funeral.

I've been tripping out on lost conversations I might have had with my late uncle had I known of his infatuation with Depeche Mode. My uncle's teenage record collection included Celtic Frost, early Venom, King Diamond.. 2tone ska.. Would he have liked the recent Mute Gore releases? Or Sequoyah Murray? Or Gore's techno dj sets?

I've been thinking about this lately.

And yes, the Sequoyah Murray joints are great. Thinking of my late uncle. R.I.P.
I even have a DM record...

Martin Gore DJ Set London 17 Aug 2004

As posted via Kompakt Mode youtube channel:

Martin L. Gore DJ set live at Notting Hill Arts Club, London 17 August 2004. Full show from my FM/DAT/miniDV masters. Probably the earliest ever DJ set of Martin documented by an amateur filmer. For fans only never sell. Always support the band and buy their records and merch.

- DAT master - Sony TCD-D100 DAT + ECM-ZS90 mic
- FM-MD master - German N-Joy radio, Martin Gore DJ Set. First trans 12 Nov 2004
- miniDV master - Sony DCR-PC8E

Edit, remaster, sync - Final Cut Pro X

I have edited it so that it retains the flow of the radio broadcast (which I think is perfect). Some of the songs have been extended as per the original performance. It includes 2 extra songs not featured on the radio show as well.

Got to say editing three sources into one was a challenge as martin played some songs slightly slower. Hope I have done it justice.

Impressive line-up feat. Daniel Miller, Peter Gordeno, Sara Blackwood, & Kate Holmes.

See details of featured artists in the credits.

- Kompakt Mode, 2020
I heard this Meat Beat Manifesto cover for the first time on the radio last night. From a late 90's DM covers compilation.

The tune makes perfect sense for early MBM tastes. The ending could've been cut shorter, but I get the psychedelic, classic, early 90's, melodic, poppy MBM angles.

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