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Ok all u old skool jump up heads..

next in the series of my old skool mixes is really a complete one off!

to be honest i never ever play these tunes. lol

the other day tho i saw natalie imbruglia on tv and i was reminded that i had an old ganja kru mix of one of her tues so i went upstairs, and found it and decided to pull a few tunes out from that era...mostly the classic jump up toons of the time and decided to do a little mix.

so here it is...only about 45 mins long, but it was fun!

appologies for the sketchy mix of Super Sharp Shooter...had to grab the phone! lol....didnt re do it coz this really is a complete one off.

anyways, enuff chat....big up all the crew...hope u enjoy the mix.

Hades aka Script Presents : “For One Night Only !!!”
Mid 90’s ‘Jump Up’ Mix

Smoke : Natalie Imbruglia (Ganja Kru Mix 1)
Let That Shit Ride : D Bridge
This Style (Re-Lick) : DJ Krust Remix
Super Sharp Shooter : DJ Zinc
Green : DJ SS
Woo Hah !! : Busta Rhymes (Origin Unknown Remix)
So Damn Fresh : DJ Zinc
Let Me Be : Elizabeth Troy (Deependance Mix)
Runin’s : Pascal
On Fire Tonight (Remix) : DJ Zinc
Red Hot Ghetto : Patrick James
Kosmo :Maldini
Six million Ways : Pascal


super sharp shooter shooting shots

[Image: b.gif]
rehost please Icon_sad

e: sorted.
erm...are you sure you inserted correct link to the mix?

will look into this

cheers for the heads up
Some nice tunes in there.
Although if I never heard Super Sharp Shooter again I'd die a happy man.

Not happening though is it.
on fire tonight Icon_yippee

some good reset-brain music
not what was advertised, but 'the descent' mix is great. Xyxthumbs

would love to get the track list for it.
isnt the tracklist there mate...here have it anyways with a new link!

Hades aka Script : The Descent (Dec ‘07) DnB

Pacific Heights : Instra:Mental
First : Survival
Window Quay : LIS
Try : Calibre
Back East : Zero Tolerance & Survival
Hammerhead : Spirit
Output 1-2 : Jonny L VS Instra:Mental
Bad Cop : Lomax
Freedom Club : D Bridge
Cold Blood : Zero Tolerance & Survival
Surroundings : Break
Galleon : Fierce / Break / D Bridge / Nico
The Quest (Remix) : Break
Legion :Seba
Lost & Found : Break
Hindsight : Breakage
Spacefunk (Remix) : Rufige Cru
Cabalistic : Nucleus & Paradox
Subside :Prolific
Remote Control (Remix) : Klute
1471 : Spirit


will re host the jump up mix on mediafire later today.

i like that site!!!!

easy peasy


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