Want to do a Podcast for Subvert Central?

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hey subverts,

who wants to do a podcast for subvert central? Chin

u can find further information on how to do a podcast here ... http://subvertcentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35260

and the full list of podcasts so far is here ... http://subvertcentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44321

might be a little while though (week or so)...
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i'd be happy to do another one in the next few months or so, but get some new blood in there first!
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i'd be up for one or two, but i'd need to organise recording of it in advance Grin
yeah i remember being interested in this
i thought there was a waiting period of about 12 years to do an sc podcast Chin

kodini Wrote:i thought there was a waiting period of about 12 years to do an sc podcast Chin


Spank Teef

what about u, edi? hot fonky mix Chin
i'll do another one if ya want
Breaker Wrote:i'll do another one if ya want

sound. I'll get on the case. I think I'll do a post rock mix, I've been meaning to do one for a while so this is a good excuse to get started.
will do another one for ye soon.
Koe - i've not forgotten you, will be in touch soon! Oops
Wave Wink
just actually done my first subversive mix and will post a link to it in a few minutes when its finished uloading.

ft macc,f&n,ASC,trax,icr,seba & paradox etc...

i'd be stoked if the powers that be at SC would be up for it to be made into a podcast.

well...a few mins and it will be up

I'd like to do another one, totally non-dnb (or dance music related actually).

Will let you know when its ready Koe...in a week or so I'd say.
well done!

still waitin for sir loris Wink

breaker Wave

logos, dj hades, beckett: let me know when u are ready and i ll arrange it
Oops Lol

i'm rubbish aren't I?
sir loris of crowthorne Wrote:Oops Lol

i'm rubbish aren't i?

any news sir loris? Smile actually i know this, making a mix takes a longer time for me as well. wanna do a new mix for a radio station for months already :d

what about the other subverts? Wave
koe Wrote:what about the other subverts? Wave

the input on my soundcard is fucked Icon_cry

i could maybe send you a tape Oops
stickied Smile
ok will do a jazz one Mrgreen
shiva Wrote:ok will do a jazz one Mrgreen