any suggestions on a mixer?

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i just won a football pool @ my job, so I'm treating myself to new cartridges, needles, and a mixer...

currently I have a gemini PMX-04.
i suspect my current mixer is creating some unwanted noise, even with all of the resonance effect knobs turned down. I might be being a bit too paranoid, but I think I'd be better off without a mixer w/ dsp effects anyhow (even though im a sucker for resonance filters)

at first I was all about finding a cheap mixer ($100-$200), but now i'm thinking it would be a wise decision to buy a nice mixer.

the main function of my mixer is for sampling records, and when i mix, i don't use any fx. I'd be nice to find something with more than a 3 band eq too, but im not having the luck i thought i would.

if only the xone series were cheaper....
this is the one:

[Image: denon_dn_x100_s8074.jpg]

high quality peice with just the essentials. If I were getting a new mixer on a limited budget, that's the one I'd get.

If you have MAAAD scrilla, the high end Allen and Heath or Rane mixers are top, but they're well into the $1000's

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