Unfortunately Mr. Randall has had to pull out if this gig Icon_sad

Good news is that we have replaced him with Outrage Smile

Also, it is Marlons birthday on the same night so it gives us an extra reason to go bananas Drums Jig Banana

Would love to see some Subverts making the trip over for this one, any takers?



[Image: banner2_590.jpg]
[Image: swbanner.gif]
[Image: BB_banner3.gif]

Have Fun Reach Creux - would be there only for the clash of dates!
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?

Cannot wait for this... been loooking forward to it for ages.

lineup great.
venue great.
sound system great.
bag o green.
and with few good mates attending.

particularily looking forwrd to equinox and also droid and slug.
the excitement/enthusiam of the reach crew is also great to see....
seems to be a big buzz around this night...
so many people gonna have fun!!
work is draggin so bad tho...

Had to take the day off for this, other wise would be under waaaay to much pressure. Speaking of Pressure, i wonder if the culchie will make a trip up to this Smile

I'll see ya at the door Forecast. Introduce yourself again as my memory of our birthday in Sept is a bit hazey. hehe

Icon_yippee work is killing me today managed to blag off at 4 though!!

delta Wrote:i'll see ya at the door forecast. introduce yourself again as my memory of our birthday in sept is a bit hazey. hehe


have fun crew! would have wanted to come down for this.....

This is tonight! I'm off to bed now so Im still awake for the 3am slot. Grin

excellent gig.
venue was excellent, good crowd aswell.
enjoyed immensely.

more reports please, hope this went well for everyone involved!

Yeah, twas a great night for the punters. My head was soooo wrecked by the club manager, who was just suuuch a cock end!!

He kept turning the system(which has a 70% limiter) down. He thought it was to loud. I them brought him into the room and pointed at the first person i saw dancing and asked why if it was too loud was she still dancing her socks off... That kind of thing


There was a camera crew there filming the night and interviewing the dj's, all of this had been ok'ed by the owner in the company of the manager.
So right at the end of an interview with Outrage which was taking place outside the front door the fucker turned off the light right outside the door, thus plunging them into complete darkness. They then had to restart the interview in the train station above the club!! Which at night is largly populated by junk heads


All the sets were recorded, which was great as i did not get to see/hear any of the dj's play cause i was doing the door. Jay rings me the next day and tells me that he got none of Appleblim, Scuba or N-Type!! Something had happened the recorder Icon_sad Icon_sad Icon_sad

This out of everything pissed me off the most.
I was really really looking forward to hearing Appleblim not to mention the rest and also being able to archive them on our virb page.

And to top it all off

After everyone had left the club and i had done sound check (to make sure i got my system deposit back), i was sober as a judge and the manager tried to charge me for a bottle of beer that i asked for!!

So it was a great night for the punter and a complete head fuck for me!

But the main thing is that peeps had a great night out so roll on the next one which will be LARGE!!

A massive thanks to Droid for recording everything in the Jungle room onto DAT.
I love you you big nerd!

Seriously tho the next one will be BIG as it will be our 2nd bday

Twisted Twisted

EDIT: quite a rant there Oops

Also i did actually get to see The Droid & Slug who played an absolutely killer set.

What was the last tune Droid?

Birthday boy!

[Image: 2569563121_c77d16894a_b.jpg]


More up there!!!

Barry its not my fault the recording went weird I think it was that flight case the have in that place where the leads are rammed into the sponge of it and are all bent and cant get a proper connection Neutral

LOL i know it aint your fault Jay. Im just pissed that i missed every act bar droid&Slug.
I know these things happen Wink

We'll get the next one fo sho

Pic of Marlon is class btw.

Appleblim and N-Type are some of the nicest peeps iv met in a long time!
Laurie had upsidedown face back in Jays.. lol

[Image: 2569636983_658b0d89a7_b.jpg]

delta Wrote:a massive thanks to droid for recording everything in the jungle room onto dat.
i love you you big nerd!

seriously tho the next one will be big as it will be our 2nd bday

Twisted Twisted

edit: quite a rant there Oops

also i did actually get to see the droid & slug who played an absolutely killer set.

what was the last tune droid?

Hahaha love you to ya masochist. Kisskiss

last tune was orca - shining bright on lucky spin.

i think the punters all had a pretty good time, but unfortunately our heads were wrecked by the soundsystem in the d+b room. i wont go into details, but the soild steel dj booth was vibrating like a motherfucker due to the speakers being attached to it, and the sound was a bit shit as we couldnt adjust the volume, hence the mixer was pushed up way to far into the red - all because venue had the amps locked in a room so they couldnt be adjusted. as a result we werent really able to do justice to our set as it was full of filthy 93 hardcore tunes that are pretty difficult in the mix to begin with. quite a bit of needle skipping as well! Mad equinox seemed to like it though, and theres a studio version on the way.

all in all the lads did a great job in overcoming all the bullshit from the management, and put on a great night. a few things to be ironed about before the next one though... Chin

Delta Wrote:Yeah, twas a great night for the punters. My head was soooo wrecked by the club manager, who was just suuuch a cock end!!

Aye. He was a bell-end alright.

One more example of why...

A lot of people in the dubstep room had stuffed their coats etc. in the small gap under the stage, not realising that this blocked the dry-ice machine. He came along and (fair enough) wanted to put out some dry ice. He simply walked up and kicked all the coats etc. out of the way, so they ended up all over the dancefloor. He barely even paused to notice this and strode off to the button for the dry-ice without a second glance. The people dancing at the front, being a nice crowd, took the coats and bags and put them back safely without blocking the outlet.

If people who are out on a night out can be bothered to do this, surely it isn't too much to expect of the manager.

He also looked like a total cunt.

[Image: banner2_590.jpg]
[Image: swbanner.gif]
[Image: BB_banner3.gif]


scuba was absolutely quality. really fast mixing, playing about 2 mins of every tune and then mixing in the next one. he really impressed me the most.

appleblim was great too but played a lot of the same set i saw him play in london a few weeks ago.

equinox is still king of the beats - absoultely killer stuff from him. i only caught about 20 mins of it because he was on while scuba was on, but he was great.

a great venue but sounds like the management are classic dublin venue owners!

looking forward to another one now! well done lads!

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