your favourite tech-step tunes

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Ed Rush + Nico - Technology Lovesmilie
Arrgghh there are so many !!!!!!! techstep is my true love Icon_yippee
just a tip of the iceberg...

Technical Itch : hidden sound (dom & roland remix)
Photek : resolution (photek remix)
Ed Rush & Optical : dozer
Stakka + K Tee : jagged edge
Zerolux : microburst
Black Science Labs : exogenesis
all day.

LOUD! still have my copy on wax too.

been on a Hive kick tonite. diggin back. Smile

that intro huh?


Haven't heard this in years.... a very fat tune:

Music critic for the Tally Ho
I may have posted my opinion on this before, but If you think about it now.. nearing 20 years later, to newer dnb fans & younger folks (lol), techstep might be a specific retro, "roots of dnb thing" for some. when kids think of "hard dnb" these days, its generally the skullstep, crossbreed stuff. Where as 1996 era techstep could sound rudimentary for some recent dnb tastes, with less busy productions, maybe even somewhat minimal productions compared to skullstep/crossbreed styles.    

I'm still under the impression & opinion that hard or dark music is more about space, the silences make it dark. the void \m/   I never got the appeal of the brostep lfo dirge production that flooded dnb from 2006 onwards or so, where peeps thought that by clouding productions with "trill bass" or whatever made things dark, or aggressive. I thought it was fluff.. like the entire drumstep thing. Utter fluff.   But that's just me. 

I've bigged up Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds elsewhere, but as a techstep fan, i'd also give props to Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds circa 2002/03, for (IMO) providing one of the last glimpses of proper dark techstep dnb before the bro(dub)step cack started to cave in on dnb production from 2006 onwards.  Their early Defcom, Contrast Recs stuff, & some of their tunes on Unkut were alright.   I still rate a chunk of their stuff from that era. 

techstep .. dark as fuck ya know? that's how I liked it. I still have some of these plates.

Another one I haven't listened to in years. Damn pretty much everything Nico was involved was pretty damn good
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Falcon such a beast this track
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Going through mycollection with an eye on Techstep - here is another great one:

Adam F "Metropolis" Homerdrool
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Doc Scott's "Swarm" - more "subtle" techstep
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Random listening as I post.

I still have this on wax. Danny C remix is tight, I prefer the Cujo atmos tho. Either flex, good stuff all around.

Cujo has an amazing tune Grooverider used to play around 03-04 but forget the name. Techstep.
Still a big fan of Dom -:Rhino / Chaos Theory with Hive. Still, I rarely played em. Krush by Hive solo on Headz Platinum, Congo Metal / Tekno Bass by Mistic 2003 only on promo. Usedative. 2004 Photek had some decent tracks - Age Of Empires sounded like a musique concrete Knitevision. Babylon Remix / No Joke with Fabio good beats.
A new fave techsteppy tune is by Skru & Mizeyesis - Control on the Bandcamp site.
The whole 'Rider album - Where's Jack The Ripper? Amazing tune. Genetic Sequence - Decompression on Transmute. Asc - Distress Signal / Second Sight on Soothsayer.
This is all stuff I stream or listen to on record in the last 15 years. I need this kind of stuff to bleed a certain grime from my pores.
The Danny C / Twisted Anger joints, Penny Black, etc.

That was good shit. Pure amen pressure at times, no matter the break, i liked how the tunes really got into the heaviness of the vibe. A complete job done. Of most stuff I heard, I was a fan. I still have the "Mothership" Dread Recs lp on wax.

^^ I want to get back into those old Penny Black joints.

listening back, the detail is there. doing the dark thang. Twisted Anger.  

...and on and on I could go. So many good tunes.
(12th May 2016, 17:35)GlassBox Wrote:

^^ I forgot about some of those Hardleaders tunes.. good call!!

Um.. I never heard this cd Torque comp lp mix before, I always only heard the compilation via mixes, and the individual tunes from the vinyl lp pack back when (I scored my "Torque" vinyl used.. my copy was signed by Nico, which I posted about on the board in the past heh).

Almost 20 years past for the comp release.

Happy listening. Smile

1: Trace & Nico - Amtrak
2: Ed Rush & Nico - Technology
3: Trace, Ed Rush & Nico - Mad Different Methods
4: Ed Rush & Nico - Proton
5: Trace, Ed Rush & Nico - Droid
6: Ed Rush & Nico - Neutron
7: Trace & Nico - Damn Son
8: Fierce & Nico - Crystal
9: Ed Rush & Nico - Mothership
10: Ed Rush & Nico - Torque
11: Ed Rush & Nico - Comatone
12: Nico - Lo
13: Trace & Nico - Squadron
14: Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (Boymerang Remix)
Decoder "Fog" is STILL one of the darkest tunes ever. And just for the brilliance of it all, "Vapour Dub" one of the best tunes from that Hardleaders era, imo.

I have this ancient Dj Phantasy live radio mix recording from .. 1996???, when he stopped by to play a local radio gig back then. It was a tougher mix, and had some really noisy techstep tunes in the set, some presumably via Easy Records?? Phantasy was definitely dropping a few tunes, then dubs, that I never heard anywhere else. I should dig up that cassette recording from storage sometime.. heh. I still have a copy of this Phantasy & Probe "Orders" 12", for the dj Reality mix.. distorted, tough biznez.


see.. breakcore dj's dig for their techstep..

I did lots of that. "The Bear" still owns, but I always LOVED the flip for the Danny Breaks terror. Still have my copy on wax as well.

Don't like Crime '96. At all. Too noisy

The Crime Mutations version (finally released) is a lot better

Question though. What was the root for this "Crime" track? It says '96, as though there's an earlier version. But I've never been able to find it. Does anyone know??
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Was wondering about Crime'96 too. Never heard anything about any pre-'96 version

I've always liked below release on Precision Breakbeat Research, both sides were frequently played on legendary Evosonic Radio in 1999:

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