Drum 'n' Bass - all sorts for sale - fairly cheap

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Adding another 30 or so tonight/tomorrow.

Give me a shout if interested - cheers Smile
Few more added...

If you have any wants, please let me know Smile
List updated...

Happy to arrange collection if within London. Discounts on bulk orders!
Interested to hear this http://www.discogs.com/release/321479

Any clips mate? Smile
I can probably record a couple.

Will stick links in here later today/tomorrow Smile
ohhh Danny Breaks - from beyond infinity.
List updated.
Updated etc etc etc etc etc etc

And again Smile
sir loris of crowthorne Wrote:and again Smile

All okay Tom?
All good mate, apart from the fact that the records wouldn't fit in my bag so the cycle back was kinda interesting!

Thanks a lot, and good to meet you too.

Concept81 Wrote:the records wouldn't fit in my bag so the cycle back was kinda interesting!

I did wonder how you were going to manage!


Catch you soon Smile
List updated.

Also worth noting: subvert discounts.

£2 off for every £10 spent.
Price reduction crew say.......




that only came out last month

I ordered two copies from Boomkat to qualify for the free postage Oops
ya dibbler Hahaha

ps spend your money on sc rettles Bigstick
prices updated


A load more stuff added the last week.

Very low prices at the moment!
how did you like the Force of One record? Mrgreen
some nice beats, would love the flynnnnnnn & florrrra shiz, but nae casholios right narr
Damn.. I guess I must've been a few minutes too late. :P

... or not.

It still lists The Crane but it still says it's not for sale... confusing...
Josh, I expired my sale items as I went on holiday a few weeks ago.

All records are now available again Xyxthumbs

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