Equinox - Scientific Wax Radio - Sunday 1800-2000 GMT

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Sci Wax Radio every other Sunday, between 1800 and 2000 GMT on http://www.jungletrain.net

make sure you're locked!

i will most definitely be tuned in to this. Xyxthumbs
soon Icon_yippee AMEN.
Lovesmilie Drums Jig
old skool from the outset today Smile
more like Drums Wink
tunes Lovesmilie Blue
archive any of you lovely people?
I've got the last 1hr20mins (I hope) if no-one can come with the full show I'll stick it up later
i've got the full thing, will upload when i get home tonight.
cheers phokus Xyxthumbs
argh you gits it isnt today. misleading thread title.

locked still.... dwarde? sounding nice.
totally gutted I had to leave after the first hour, need to get my hands on the archive as soon as possible!

^^ yesyes!

thanks a lot Smile

tried to upload it to dnbshare twice, but it failed both times... so you're stuck with sendspace.
Phokus Wrote:so you're stuck with sendspace.

Hugs Pint
listening now Jig Drums

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