SC Vol.3 has finally arrived and is on sale in this thread

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some top-notch tuneage here alright.

Sticking in an order for the lot asap.
SC 'aint nothin to fuck with. Twisted
Got my copy this morning Hyper

Thanks statto Grin
Xyxthumbs Kisskiss
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Few months when im sorted out i will bag this, been looking forward to it for ages Smile

So glad to see it finally here
Money sent! Thank you for this, you're rad! Mrgreen
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statto Wrote:Kisskiss Wave

this thread just reminded me that i have this in my record bag after saturday night's technicality Cool
no worries, I haven't played Subtle Audio Vol.1 yet either Kisskiss
listenin' now !

pressing is sounding great Grin

such a variety of music on this edition - deadly.
Vol 3 is a beauty, top quality selection Grin
today's batch just gone out Smiley
thanks jon, it came today Smile
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statto Wrote:full low-bit-rate audio is online at sc virb

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Gonna play some beats from this on the radio on Saturday night.

Nubian Mindz - "Sound Mission" Hyper
Formication - niice!
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code Wrote:gonna play some beats from this on the radio on saturday night.

nubian mindz - "sound mission" Hyper

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this afternoon's batch have just gone out
SC rettles on their way to Italy, Hungary, Latvia, USA

ba55tech Wrote:Formication - niice!

Keep yer holes peeled for their 'Ghosts (Omnia Exeunt In Mysterium)' album. I mastered it and it is fucking majestic Lovesmilie

Also another release more 'local' to this site, but I dunno if I am allowed to say anything or not...
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Should be ordering next week Grin