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elektrovert Wrote:Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love FTW

Yeah, the entire SECOND TOUGHEST album is top notch in my book. Love Dubnobass too.

I haven't really been feeling their output post-Beaucoup Fish. It'd be great to see Emerson re-join.
Wilshy Wrote:Dubnobasswithmyheadman

LOVE their music so much. I have almost their entire back catalog because I am a nerd like that. Lovesmilie

Cherry Pie is one of my all-time favorite tunes. Yes
Looking forward to seeing them at Glade Icon_yippee
Dinosaur Adventure 3D

Some tough time in my life right now, this is such an uplifting track - as only Underworld do so well. Essentially the same loop for nearly 8 mins but never gets boring.

currently listening to the compilation 1992-2002

REZ Drums
hah how funny, was just listening to second toughest on the infants yesterday and raving about the lasting quality of that record and here I find an Underworld thread on the first page when i come to read what`s up. Falcon

from day.

Whenever I hear 80's stuff like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, I liken them to the precursors to what Underworld did later on. The mix of electronic music, large sounding production, aggressive in places - very much club music, yet still with a vocal pop edge that people could easily get with. Even to this day, I have recommended Underworld Dubnobass, and Second Toughest to people who are not into electronic music per say, but might get into the pop angle of the tunes & releases in places.

Every now & then, I get a craving to listen to Underworld, its a random thing. Tunes pop up in the head, decades later, which says a lot for the music. bigs. Smile
the power of breakbeat.  the entire tune is breaks. An overlooked quality of the tune imo.  

punk rawk

breaks Lovesmilie  the build. 

delving into the remix discogs.  

Voiski..   great job.   Yes

this is very good.  

trance as fawk. dark.  like the edits on the vocal.

wow. I used to have this on vinyl during the 1994 Vath original release.  

first time hearing this in.. 20+ years.    You can play this Underworld remix out today imo.  Doesn't sound too dated.   

The Orb (kickin' remix of "Rhythm of Time" btw!)& Prodigy were also included on the Front 242 remix release.  


stellar.  as mentioned previously.  magnificent.  omnipotent.  etc. etc.
Props to Ryan J youtube channel for the vid!

Underworld 2023-05-29 Detroit, Movement Festival

00:00:00 Juanita 2022
00:12:43 Two Months Off
00:20:28 Dark & Long (Dark Train)
00:29:18 Kittens
00:36:05 Cups
00:46:21 Denver Luna
00:53:45 Shudder / King of Snake [Partially blocked copyright has muted portion of this song]
01:03:46 Rez / Cowgirl
01:16:08 And The Colour Red
01:21:40 Born Slippy (Nuxx)

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