Beautiful African Music

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dentoe Wrote:good call!


check the rest of the blog -- some incredible gems in there (don't know if it was already mentioned on here)

Thats a really nice blog - thanks.
statto Wrote:[Image: sticky.jpg] Blue

Xyxthumbs wasnt this mentioned here when it came out?
SC didn't exist in 1997 Wink
Hahaha Must've had a re-release recently or something. I saw it somewhere last year.
ah right

I wouldn't mind a copy of the Japan CD if they'd like to rerelease that Smile
there's a new Toumani Diabaté LP out:
The Mandé Variations


Excellent thread. Cheers to all for the links Smile
Ive gotten so out of touch with this stuff over the last few months Im afraid to check out my download lists from some of these blogs! Lol
right today is for downloading this lot Grin
droid Wrote:
Statto Wrote:[Image: 3000Jajouka.jpg]

brian jones' original recordings of the master musicians of jajouka

Xyxthumbs one of the first african lps i heard - though it has to be said that its maybe more islamic/middle eastern influenced than african...

any link to jajouka?
not the brian jones one, but there are some joujouka clips here:

the master musicians of joujouka - joujouka black eyes

I´m lookin for this album anyone seen it or know where I can grab it please give me a shout.

Gbouyega Adelaja "Colourful enviroment"Emi Nigeria

Much Love. K
The best is yet 2 come...
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krazy Wrote:I´m lookin for this album anyone seen it or know where I can grab it please give me a shout.

Gbouyega Adelaja "Colourful enviroment"Emi Nigeria

Much Love. K

Samples here if thats any use. I gather its quite rare.
Nah I want the whole a groove on for that album it´s naise Grin

Thanks anyways.

Much Love. K
The best is yet 2 come...

Icon_yippee for this thread. Grin
Sega music form Mauritius (Sega danz Moris)

Sega from Reunion (La Renyon)

Ive said it before on this board but cant over recommend this album.
[Image: ali-farka-toure-savane-cd-cover-artwork-8955.jpeg]
Oops this "african" has not heard any this. total lack of these riddims on the radio. south africa is quite "european" tho.
time to go back to school.
Xyxthumbs to this thread.
don't miss out on the fact mix by bass clef!

factmagazine Wrote:For his FACT mix, our man – real name Ralph Cumbers – has avoided the kind of British and Jamaican bass sounds that he’s invariably associated with, and chosen instead to showcase some of the African music which has been his private passion for years now. The results are incredible. All the tracks have been ripped from vinyl and specially edited, and it’s not hard to see how they’ve impacted on Cumbers’ productions in terms of mood, rhythm and character. See over the page for the mix’s tracklist and a few words with its maker.
lovin this thread cheers
Wow, haven't heard of any of this stuff - will have to get checking.

I'm surprised noones mentioned Fela Kuti though. Great musician and an amazing character, worth reading his wikipedia entry.

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