TDD Interview 2 - Muttley and Statto in conversation

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"When we're young, everything is big, and as we grow up the world becomes smaller. Pressing at a rate of 300 copies per run, the Subvert Central volumes represent as part of a downsized independent movement. Acting as the vinyl vehicle of an online forum for music, science and politics, Volume 3 is especially eclectic, packing a smorgasbord of genre expositions into one 90 minute extravaganza. Partially an exercise in exploring the foundations of resilience, SC's capacity for punk attitude stays alive and well, as shown in this interview with label owner Jonathan Tait (aka Statto). Here he takes time out of his schedule to answer questions on the non-profit release, plus a plethora of related informations TDD feels you could yourselves enjoy."

Interview: Download

The Dastardly Depot: Read

Any feedback much appreciated Smiley

Good thoughts
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excellent, bout time we had a statto interview out there! Xyxthumbs
Keep JUMPin ya Bastids
Quote:held up small balls in his hands, uttering anomalous phrases

Keep JUMPin ya Bastids
good read Yes
naphta Wrote:excellent, bout time we had a statto interview out there! Xyxthumbs
tvghates Wrote:good read Yes

Kingstatto Falcon
just going to read now


read it...........very interesting, deeper than your usual dnb/music interview :d Wink
Muttley Wrote:Good thoughts

good thoughts mate
how has life been
good stuff
beats are there to be broken
big up the ladykillers also Xyxthumbs
beats are there to be broken
Good read Smile Some interesting answers to some interesting questions very interesting Smile
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"i don’t really care about this anymore. there’s still some interesting dnb being made, but dnb is only a small part of what i listen to. that said, i still listen to dnb probably every day, if only on some subvert’s online radio show."


very nice read :d
great read, big up everyone involved!'s like a bloody LIBRARY out there!!!
"Obviously you can do everything digitally, sell mp3s, or just give them away, but where's the love?" Baffled
Dialogue dub hot lines under a rain of drum
.s.k.a.p.e. Wrote:"obviously you can do everything digitally, sell mp3s, or just give them away, but where's the love?" Baffled

nothing personal Hugs

i'm just an grumpy old fart 20 years behind the times [Image: smilie08sim.gif]
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many thanks for checking all Smile it means a lot to get so much feedback from subverts on this.

to those wanting to read tdd interview 1, it's available in the features section of, and at khal's dubplate digest:

ichione Wrote:good thoughts mate
how has life been

things are looking up rico, thanks for asking. and yourself? Wave [Image: smiley.gif]
Really enjoyed reading that.

Thanks for the nice words too Jon Kisskiss
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Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.
any more takers? Wave
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great read can i link it on my blog ? which will be live in a week or so