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Kontra Wrote:not so far. cash in cunts

thought so.
yes, it's clearer and more "pro" sounding, but who really cares? not me. new material would be more welcome
Kontra Wrote:yes, it's clearer and more "pro" sounding, but who really cares? not me. new material would be more welcome

clearer and more pro sounding doesnt really do it any justice does it? fuck that, i'll stick with the original.

Yes, new material please.
kontra Wrote:clearer and more "pro" sounding

[Image: downwiththat.gif]
ach, you know what I mean!
Sir Loris Of Crowthorne Wrote:
Theeboon Wrote:[Image: Ole_coltrane.jpg]

Absolutely blinding.

Strong stuff though: play with caution!

yeah, stellar record.
best house/tech-house mix i've heard in the last 3 years:

love the way the old chicago and detroit elements have worked
back into the fray. reminds me of 96 all over again...
monolake - polygon cities

klaus schulze - cyborg

[Image: borgsmile.gif]
Pogo - Wonderland EP
Illa J - Yancey Boys
F.I.C. - Essential Concepts (Acid Assault 006)
Synapscape - Archive Two (Ant Zen dig 005)
Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Songs From The Beehive

subtle beauty.
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
PE - Everything
Instra:mental & D-Bridge Podcast.

It's so good it's unfair.
The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus
Twisted Anger - Woodsnake
Galaktlan - Zolushka
james plotkin & mick harris - collapse

Sincere Trade LP
tune off lp
def an essential for glitch/idm heads
ESB @ Jungletrain
Lars Horntveth - Pooka

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