That Photek Sample CD

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dionysus Wrote:I maaaaay have the reinforced, but I would have to have a good rake Smile

cheers mate - btw I've lost all of your tunes as well. If you have any copies left...
Oops it may be best those old tunes are lost!

Hopefully have some new ones soon which I'll send over Smile
please do
chris.innocence Wrote:does anyone have copies of both of these again please?
sdnb is down for good, and sendsapce has deleted the Photek cd

Wave chris

I've still got the reinforced one, I can either sling it up online or post you a copy Smile
PMs Smile
Easy there, Im new here, but not new to music production. Is it possible to grap copies of these cds?

reinforced cd again....dego will never be my best friend at this rate Fauxpas
Hey everyone, fairly new here, but been getting my tunes mastered at Subvert for the better part of a year. I'm keen to get my grubby little mitts on a copy of the February 1993 issue 1 Future Music sample CD, could someone please re-upload it? Seems like all the links are dead.

Many thanks,

Niwun Wrote:Hey everyone

hello there Wave
Statto Wrote:
Niwun Wrote:Hey everyone

hello there Wave

Howdy Smile
Just want to say this is an awesome thread, just recently I heard that the Andy C tune 'Valley of the shadows' the women sampled on it was from the BBC Documentary QED Glimpses of death 1988, The vocal 'felt like i was in a long dark tunnel'. This was on a sample disc Future Music magazine in 1993 that Andy C used. I have been searching for this for a few weeks and come across this thread. I've been producing for the last 6 years dnb/jungle & rave breaks etc. I found the X-Static goldmine 1 samples which is a blast from the past, any chances of any links for the future music samples? would be truly grateful. Will swap the X-static goldmine ? Oh yes, big up to everyone on this thread !Grin
fiasko Wrote:

reinforced cd again....dego will never be my best friend at this rate Fauxpas

Still up Grin

did that photek one ever resurface? I'd love a copy of that
I've tried to download that reinforced link but it breaks half way, If anyone is interested I have the Future Music CD samples Vol1 ! And the X-static Goldmine Vol1, will upload them. Would love a copy of the Reinforced samples, and the photek samples? Twothumbs
weird man, i think that's just you, i got it earlier today no problem. maybe try a different browser?

i can upload it to my mediafire account on monday if your still having problems, trade ya for that x-static goldmine Wink
Ah no worries probably my network failure, will try again. I will get these Xstatic samples sorted for you Twothumbs

I mirrored it anyway ;P
Excellent many thanks ! Jig Will have a link for you this week, upload the Goldmine Vol1
Mastergroove Wrote:Excellent many thanks ! Jig Will have a link for you this week, upload the Goldmine Vol1

Hi guys,

Lurker, decided to make an account to say thanks for the Reinforced samples. Ridiculously nice.

Been having some trouble getting hold of the Junk Percussion set, would anyone be able to pass this on or point me in the direction of a working link?

akilles Wrote:Hi guys

hello there Wave
It is available from the Zero-g webshop as a download product for 30 I think.
Junk Percussion - ZERO-G

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